Trophology : The Yin and Yang of Digestion

Trophology : The Yin and Yang of Digestion

Would you follow three simple rules if it meant you could…

  • Shed fat while still eating the same amount of food.
  • Get more nutrition out of your food
  • Double your energy
  • Eliminate most gas and constipation

How I figured this all out

Ever since I was a small boy I’ve been pretty badly afflicted with mucus, allergies and bad digestive health. These problems continued into my teens and  stayed with my throughout my adult life. I didn’t know anyone who had these issues as badly as I did.  People would always ask me if I was sick, when I kept blowing my nose and coughing up so much flem. My response was, “It’s just allergies”.  I just began to accept that I had these problems and there was nothing I could do about it.

Ever since I got off S.A.D. ( Standard American Diet ) and cut pasteurized milk and diary from my diet my mucus, allergies and digestive problems have been cut in half. I started feeling like a normal human being. Now I’ve found the solution to take me the rest of the way and eliminate my excess mucus, allergies and poor colon health. As an added benefit my energy has double. Now that is nice!

An Introduction to Trophology

The human digestive tract is an amazing thing.

Modern medical science has been content to treat the ailments of the human digestive tract, while ancient Chinese medicine focused on keeping it healthy.

Food and drink are relied upon to nurture life. But if one does not know that the nature of substances may be opposed to each other, and one consumes them altogether indiscriminately, the vital organs will be thrown out of harmony and disastrous consequences will soon arise. Therefore, those who wish to nurture their lives must carefully avoid doing such damage to themselves.” – Chia Ming, Essential Knowledge for Eating and Drinking, 1368 AD

We as humans are omnivores, meaning we can eat and digest nearly anything. If you look across nature, most creatures are either carnivores or herbivores. They digestive tracks are optimized to consume either herbs and starches or just proteins. Even animals that are omnivores never consume starches and and proteins at the same time. For example, birds eat worms during dawn and then seeds and berries at another time of the day. Gorillas and chimps eat termites for protein at one time of day and then munch on leafs and plants at other times.

Our digestive systems can digest and process all these things but not at the same time, at least no where near as efficiently.

The Science of Food Combining

There are 3 simple rules of trophology.

  1. Eat Starches/carbohydrates and Proteins separately. You can however have greens with either.
  2. Eat dairy by itself
  3. Fruits should be eaten alone and do not mix sweet fruits with acidic fruits

Lets study the science behind the most basic rule first. Starches such as potatoes, rice, pasta and bread are digested by ptyalin and other digestive juices that require an alkaline environment to work. Animal proteins such as beef, fish, chicken and turkey are digested by protease which requires an acidic environment to work. When an acid and a alkaline substance meet the result is a neutral substance. This is exactly what happens when you consume a meal of meat and potatoes. Neither the potatoes (starch, carbohydrates) nor the protein (meat) will be digested fully. In fact it is the protein that suffers most as hardly any of it is digested. This is why the average American walks around with five pounds of undigested putrefied meat in their colon. The colon will coat the toxins produced by this rotting meat with mucus to prevent it from poisoning the body. This is why so many people, myself included, have so much mucus.

The Yin and Yang of the western Diet is abysmal. All of our favorite dishes are in direct violation of the core rules of Food Combining and this is why we are so unhealthy.  Consider

  • Meat and potatoes
  • Hot Dogs and sandwiches
  • Ham Burgers
  • Foods that combine dairy with the above are even worse.

Dairy is a food meant for the newborn. It is meant to be eaten alone and this is how the enzymes that break it down are meant to work, alone. You see this basic rule reflected in the Chinese taoist system as well as many others. The Kosher Laws state that “the meat of an animal should not be consumed with it’s milk” Common sense illuminates the logical behind this rule. The outcome of mixing dairy with any other food becomes evident with the increase of gas and bloating.

The last rule is least critical and also the easiest to follow. You should not eat oranges (acidic) and mangos (sweet) at the same time. Fruits should preferably be eaten alone for maximum digestive efficency. The Gracie Diet pioneered by the famous Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu grand master Carlos Gracie had this rule as one of it’s foundations.

The best part of balancing the Yin and Yang of food


Digestion takes about 80% of your total energy each day. The rest is split up between mental, physical and reproductive systems. Science has proven this and it makes sense when you consider what a complex and immense project it is for our bodies to convert food into energy and our own native tissues. There is no workout you can do that can come close to being as tough as digestion. This means that if we can improve the efficiency of our digestive tracks by even 10% we can double our energy!

Double the energy sounds pretty awesome to me and it works. Optimal regularity, being mucus free and eating as much as I want are huge bonuses too. No system is worth anything if we cannot tick to it. The hardest part of this is the first rule. Separating carbohydrates and proteins is a tough job especially if you live on the USA or western world.

Examples of Yin & Yang Balanced foods

  • Brown Rice with Salad (YY)
  • Salad with Chicken breast (YY)
  • Pasta with Greens (YY)
  • Beef/Buffalo with Greens (YY)
  • Cheese with Greens (YY)
  • Grapes, Mangos and sweet apples (YY)
  • Oranges and acidic apples (YY)

Sounds kinda boring I know… Lets all chime in and share Yin & Yang Recipes together.

Q says:

I’m wondering if you can post the times of day to eat certain foods?

shelia penley says:

great site. i’ve benn thinking about the introduction of the microwave. it seems to me if you heat somthing to a temp. that you can’t even measure . then any nutritional properties would be destroyed. i got my first mic. in 1982. i don’t use it to cook , just to heat water. since 1982 the obesity rate has been going up. i can’t help thinking there is a connection between the two. i’m sure there are many studies that support this idea. combining foods makes alot of sense. raw food only too. this is an area of study i am going to focus on for a while. thanks for the great information.

There is evidently a bunch to realize about this. I consider you made some good points in features also.


Was a fat kid and major geek.. still am a geek, but now I have learned the truth about health and it is pretty much the exact opposite of what your doctor will tell you it is. Time to go old school and level up our health by focusing on gaining not losing. Gaining strength, knowledge and confidence. The weight loss will come easily.

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