Thick VS Thin, How Female Beauty Divides Men

Thick VS Thin, How Female Beauty Divides Men

The issue of feminine beauty is one of the most important questions in all civilization.

What figure females work to achieve and the effects this has on their psyche and thus will resonate onto generations to come. The affect it has on the male psyche in turn has an amplifying affect on culture, thus this is a vital issue to have clear.

  • Does what we see on billboards and television really reflect the intrinsic desires of women and men?
  • If not then why and what do men really desire and can a uniform consensus be reached?

Answering these questions is far more important than one may first realize. The great thick vs thin debate is the main axis along which feminine beauty revolves so we sought the most diverse examples and came up with three classes of female beauty.

  1. Athletic / thick women ex. fitness models & dancers
  2. Glamoruous thin women ex. hollywood actresses
  3. Ultra thin women ex. high fashion models
When we showed their pictures to a wide variety of men we found that the males also split into three basic categories.
  1. Alpha Males , Well built, often quite handsome and affluent males in their 30′
  2. Young men in their twenties
  3. Metrosexuals, hispters and bisexual/gay men.
What we discovered was an extremely high bias towards one specific group towards the other. While this was not a scientific study the results were very clear.

Athletic & Thick is what 99% of the alpha class males desired. Every man in this group basically said they would do ANYTHING just to be able to talk to these women and that marriage was VERY high on their list, even the wealthy ones.

From left to right, Natalia Muntean, Natalie Inouie, Juliana Saliminei, Arayan Steinkomf and Eva Andressa.

Ladies Group #1, Athletic / Thick

The above ladies are all fitness models, bodybuilders and dancers. Not surprisingly four of them are Brazilian. We showed their pictures to a wide variety of men split along age, body type and  and even sexual preference, straight, bi and gay.

Editors note ( I must admit my bias for group 1 )

  1. 99% of the males in group #1, the well built alpha males highly approved of the females in group #1. By highly approved we mean they went head over heels and demanded to know the names of the ladies. All of them said they would most certainly love being in a relationship with these women and several were quite vocal about marrying their favorite.
  2. Most of group #2, the teenage boys and younger men said they preferred the ladies in group #1, around 60% showed a mild preference but nothing like the voracious attraction that the male group #1 had. The rest said they were too thick or muscular for their tastes. Interesting note that the darker, non american men in this group made up the majority of men that preferred female group #1.
  3. Almost all of male group #3 said that they thought these women were fat and manly looking. The metrosexuals showed indifference while the outrightly gay men showed disdain. Ironically we showed the gay men among group # pictures of extremely muscular bodybuilding females and they approved.

The Alpha males all gave their overwhelming and extremely passionate approval of the females in Group #1. Almost all of these men worked out regularly, were successful and recognized leaders in their respective domains. Athletes, business people, entrepreneurs, scientists and writers formed this group.


As we can see female group #1 and male Group #1 have a extremely strong affinity for each other. Male group #2 preferred female group #1 as well but with no where near the zeal that male group 1 did. We then moved on to female group #2

Leading ladies in Hollywood and up and coming actresses were the exemplars of female group #2. They got approval from male groups #2 and #3 while the men of group #1 asked us to see the pictures from female group #1 again.

Female Group #2, Actresses

The ladies in group #2 were chosen based on how much publicity they got. Magazine covers, gossip and celebrity news coverage sent these ladies to the top of the list.

  1. Male group #1 frowned when we showed them these pictures. Many seemed visibly upset that we had taken away the pictures of the ladies in group #1. They politely said that these women were “cute” but needed to gain some weight and work out.
  2. Male group #2 gave high praise to these women and most of them thought they would make great girl friends.
  3. Male group #3 also gave high marks to these women mostly on the basis of their fashion sense and acting talent. There was quite a bit of chatter and commentary on their personal lives and nothing said about their sex appeal.

Male Group 2 was mostly men under thirty. Most of them were in college or had just graduated. They were evenly split among liking group 1 and 2 but when pressed they opted for group2. The darker men among them when pressed opted for group 1, an interesting divergence along racial lines.


The positive reactions to this group came mostly from male group #2. Male group #3 was more concerned about their fashion sense and the latest gossip surrounding them than the beauty and figures of the females themselves.

The elite of high fashion is our group #3 and they also got very passionate reactions from our male groups.


Female Group #3, Models

These women were selected as the most extreme examples of high fashion beauty. These models had all graced the covers of the finest fashion magazines and the shape they are in here is the same shape they walk the run way. They make seem to be extreme examples but as we discovered within the world of high fashion, this is indeed the norm. Vogue, Sports Illustrated, Elle have all featured the above models.

  1. Male group #1 raised high hell on the sight of these women and cursing ensued. We heard all manner of damnations and politically charged vitrol here. Most of the men pitied these girls and voiced extreme anger at the fashion industry for allowing this to happen.
  2. Male group #2 found these ladies “too skinny” and didn’t think it was healthy. They still remarked on their beauty however.
  3. Male group #3 was surprisingly indifferent to their thinness, saying it was a professional choice. While many thought it wasn’t healthy they still defended it as a matter of their profession.

Male group there was composed of what might be referred to as Hipsters and bisexual and gay men. A few metrosexuals also appeared. They leaned towards group 2, were mostly indifferent to group 3 and thought the ladies of group 1 while impressive were not attractive.


The question of feminine beauty is a polarizing one.

The three classes of females divided a pool of males into three distinctly different groups. It would be difficult to find any other issue that so distinctly divided men, not politics or religion. We can see that the three questions originally pose at the beginning are not so easily answered.


If passion is any indiction then the men of group #1 would clearly win the day for if you set group #1 against group #2 or group #3 in any kind of conflict, save for interior design, group #1 would utterly annihilate any and all resistance.

Ladies Group #1 and Men Group #1 have EXTREME affinity and there is no doubt what would happen were they to meet. Their affinity is animalistic and vigorous.  The other groups  are not quite so clear but after enough liquor, gossiping and talking perhaps relationships would begin to form.

Bud says:

Names of group 1. Now..

I LOVE this article<333

Kneeland says:

Great piece, Ray. As always your writing is like lightning bolt of truth piercing through the decadent gray San Francisco fog


Was a fat kid and major geek.. still am a geek, but now I have learned the truth about health and it is pretty much the exact opposite of what your doctor will tell you it is. Time to go old school and level up our health by focusing on gaining not losing. Gaining strength, knowledge and confidence. The weight loss will come easily.

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