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The Mummy Meal – Shocking Truths about McDonalds

The Mummy Meal – Shocking Truths about McDonalds

An NYC photographer bought a McDonalds Happy meal and left it out in the open in her kitchen for 180 days. The result…. nothing. No Mold, no decomposition. It simply hardened. This is not food. I doubt it is even carbon based.

The majority of food eaten by the average American can no longer be called “food”.

It is hard for many of us to believe how much processing our food actually goes through. We all want to believe that what we buy in the supermarkets, eat at restaurants and feed our children is actually real food, just like our grandparents enjoyed. The sad reality is that the majority of what we consume can hardly be considered food.

The Happy Meal Art Project


New York City photogrpaher Sallie Davis has proven this point well with her most recent project. She bought a happy meal and left it out in her kitchen. 180 days later not much has changed. She claims it stopped giving off an odor after 24 hours. Now, just over six months later, the Happy Meal has yet to even grow mold. She told the Daily Mail that “the food is plastic to the touch and has an acrylic sheen to it.” She continues to keep it on her bookshelf.

McDonald’s issued a statement in it’s defense. “McDonald’s hamburger patties in the United States are made with 100% USDA-inspected ground beef,” Riley wrote. “Our hamburgers are cooked and prepared with salt, pepper and nothing else — no preservatives, no fillers. Our hamburger buns are baked locally, are made from North American-grown wheat flour and include common government-approved ingredients designed to assure food quality and safety. … According to Dr. Michael Doyle, Director, Center for Food Safety at the University of Georgia, ‘From a scientific perspective, I can safely say that the way McDonald’s hamburgers are freshly processed, no hamburger would look like this after one year unless it was tampered with or held frozen.'”

The Fine Print

If you look closely at the quote by McDonalds above you will see that they do not actually tell any strightforward lies but the entire message is deception. Let’s consider a few facts and myths about McDonalds.

  • McDonalds says they use 100% USDA-inspected ground beef- TRUE
  • McDonalds uses cow eyeballs in their beef- FALSE: Cow eyeballs are in great demand by research laboratories and thus cost more than muscle cuts.
  • McDonalds is the worlds #1 purchaser of Cow Eyelids and Scrotal sacks, TRUE : The FDA says that any muscle cut of a Cow can be called beef. Thus eyeballs are not beef but lips, sphincters, eyelids and even scrotal sacks are technically considered beefbecause they are largely composed of muscle. The Wall Street Journal reported this fact almost 20 years ago.
  • They say their hamburgers are “cooked” with only salt pepper and no perservatives or fillers. Notice they only talk about the actual cooking process not everything that happened to the meat before it got to their grill. Thus technically they are not lying. The preservatives they use on the meat before it is cooked are anyone’s guess. For these burgers to resist decompositions for so long the process must be extensive.

Curse of the Mummy Meal. Why does McDonalds food not rot?

The amount of processing that happens to this meat would involve dehydration, precooking, and freezing. The combination of these processes would effectively destroy almost all nutritional value in the meat, leaving you with just calories, a mucked up colon and cravings. This is why the fellow who did Super Size Me became so fat so fast. He ate over 6000 calories a day of McDonalds but got virtually no nutrition thus his body was actually starving.

  • Thus this burger will actually remain logged in your colon for years. As if consuming empty calories and receiving no nutrition wasn’t bad enough the immortal burger not only resists decompsition by air but it also resists digestion by your body. This is why colon cleanses are so popular now. Real meat digests well usually but this processed junk meat does not.
  • Your bodies ability to absorb nutrition will fall. This “meat” will remain in your colon and block it from absorbing nutrients from the real food you do eat, thus lowering your overall nutrition for as long as the junk meat remains in your colon, which has been shown to be years.  The fact that the meal does not rot or decompose after many months should highlight the fact that this is not actually food at all but worthless dead matter.
  • You will be malnourished and have cravings for food constantly. Even though you are consuming many calories. Your bodies degraded ability to absorb nutrition from your food will cause you to be malnourished despite getting double or more the required calories.
  • Your rate of belly fat accumulation will rise. The body uses fat to coat toxins. The body see’s this junk meat as toxic and will use fat to coat it. Since the junk meat is in your colon the fat your body coats it with will be around your belly. Hence why people today are so big in the midsection compared to overweight people half a century ago.

We might neer know exactly. McDonald’s is very careful to guard it’s suppliers and processing methods from the press. Their lobby in Congress is in the hundreds of millions. They are safe. We are not. It seems no matter how much proof we get people still continue to poison themselves with this junk. This is why the Raw Food movement is so powerful. It keeps us away from processed poison mummy meals like this. You don’t have to be a vegan to be raw either.

The Axis of Evil!

As if the Mummy Meal was not bad enough McDonald’s has made a strategic partnership with the King of Obesity causing foods; Soda Makers such as a Coca Cola are the leading cause of obesity worldwide. It gets even worse really. The have the Mummy and the Deal with the Devil (Soda Makers) but that isn’t enough for them. McDonald’s wants to get us while we are at our most vulnerable. Their marketing targets children. Is it a wonder that we are now suffering from a worldwide Epidemic of childhood obesity? Kids don’t decide to be obese, they are constantly bombarded with media goading them to consume this mummified poison and their parents usually don’t know any better. McDonald’s also takes it further be focusing on minorities and their children because they know they will be less educated than their affluent counterparts.

Poisoning children for profit is evil. This is not a word I use often. Do your part and spread the word. If you have children, then show them articles like this and let them come to their own conclusions. Take a stand or accept sickness and poison into your life and the lives of your children. This is not something we can turn away from anymore.

The processed fat in McDonald’s food (and other fast food) promotes endothelial dysfunction for up to 5 hours after eating the meal. Endothelial tissue is what lines the inside of blood vessels.

ces says:

shit i have been staying next door to a md for a couple of yrs in sydney and never gave any notice to what ive been eating after reading the above it makes sense i am paying for half a burger some dead matter that is tasteless covered over with a gherkin and cheese and sause count me out and my kids from now on

Ray says:

It’s a matter of ethics and priorities. You have had enough information to know that McDonald’s food is poison but you choose to continue to eat their food as it gives you pleasure. Thus you have prioritized the pleasure and comfort of familiar food over optimal health. This is common.

Alexandra Harris says:

OMG this is crazy, I use to LOVE their food but now im sceptical about ever eating there again, well btw i dont realy care because i love their food lol OMG im too crazy for this but i guess if I’ve been eating this long and im still living and healthy what will happen to me now!

Weight Loss

Was a fat kid and major geek.. still am a geek, but now I have learned the truth about health and it is pretty much the exact opposite of what your doctor will tell you it is. Time to go old school and level up our health by focusing on gaining not losing. Gaining strength, knowledge and confidence. The weight loss will come easily.

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