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The HCG Diet Review: The Scariest Scam Ever!

The HCG Diet Review: The Scariest Scam Ever!
HCG is a fertility hormone given to females. Now the scammers are using it as a gimmick to peddle their fraudulent and dangerous diet plans.

HCG is a fertility hormone given to females. Now the scammers are using it as a gimmick to peddle their fraudulent and dangerous diet plans.

The people behind the HCG Diet should be arrested for fraud.

Americans are being poisoned by the food we eat, the things we hear and even our own doctors. The last thing we need is to be robbed of our hard earned dollars when we just want to improve and heal ourselves. Doing a search for HCG Diet will bring up hundreds of pages, each and every single one of them a scam!

First lets talk about what REAL HCG is. HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotrophin. It is a hormone and is produced by females during pregnancy. The fact that the word “gonad” is in the title hints to it’s connection in reproduction. Doctors prescribe HCG to women who are suffering from infertility.

So What does a female fertility drug have to do with Weight Loss?


The fact that HCG is even being linked to weight loss is so ridiculous that I am almost ashamed to have to explain this. We are not all into science and endocrinology however so I will go through this step by step to reveal it as a complete and utter joke to everyone who takes the time to read this.

A picture of real HCG as you would get it from the black market. The only other source is via a doctors prescription. Real HCG is for injection only.

Facts about HCG

  • Real HCG is sold ONLY through a doctors prescription. You can also acquire it illegally through the black market.
  • Real HCG is given by injection only.
  • Body Builders use HCG to jump start their production of natural testosterone after a cycle of Anabolic Androgenic Steroid use. Read Steroids: The Bad for more information on how body builders use HCG to combat shrinking testicles.
  • HCG is banned in many sports. Recall the 50 game MLB ban for Manny Ramirez in 2009.

How Did they ever get the idea that HCG could help you lose weight?

British endocrinologist A.T.W. Simeon came up with an ultra-low-calorie weight loss diet (less than 500 calories) while studying pregnant women in India. These women were impoverished and on a calorie deficient diet. He also studied obese young boys with pituitary problems (Frölich’s syndrome). Somehow he decided to try giving them HCG and claimed that both the starving pregnant women and fat boys lost fat and not muscle. While practicing at the Salvator Mundi International Hospital in Rome, Italy, he began recommending  low daily dose HCG (125iu) method along with an under 500 calorie low fat and high protein diet for weight loss. After his death this system began to spread.

The quality of his experiments I won’t even begin to comment on as there are no real published results. We only know he gave shots to starving pregnant women and obese boys while starving them and noticed they lost weight…  The scientific reasoning behind this is irrelevant as the whole basis of this experiment is flawed from every angle. It almost sounds like a joke.. You could give starving pregnant women and obese boys a diet of anything at all as long as you limited them to under 500 calories of protein and they would lose weight. The fact that he noticed they didn’t lose much muscle is also baseless but I will try and explain that as well.

He attributed the females not losing muscle to HCG’s effect on their hormonal cycle. A pregnant womens hormonal cycle is so complex that it is senseless to even try and figure out how a particular effect can be achieved in a non pregnant person, especially one who is not starving themselves on a low calorie diet. As for the obese boys not losing muscle mass, the HCG injections could have risen their testosterone levels. this is the effect many body builders use them for. However this is only a temporary way to raise testosterone levels as after prolonged use the body will adapt and testosterone levels will return to normal.

Simeon’s whole “recommendation” was just that, a suggestion that some fat was lost and muscle retained for a very select group ( impoverished pregnant women and obese boys) on an ultra low calorie high protein diet. Anyone on such a diet alone will lose great amounts of weight. His assertion was that taking HCG wouldn’t help burn fat but rather just preserve muscle. So even in the very best case the only medical “suggested” benefits of the HCG diet are that if you are obese or pregnant and starve yourself you won’t lose too much muscle. HCG has nothing to do with fat loss.

How do these HCG diets work?

They simple answer is they don’t work at all, ever! No exceptions!

I have seen various programs. Some just cut and paste atkins diet plans, others just tell you to starve yourself and work out three times a day to lose weight. You don’t have to be a scientist to understand that anyone who starves themselves and kills themselves in the gym is going to lose weight, HCG or otherwise. Their programs are all a joke and any fitness professional would laugh at them. Further more starving yourself and exhausting yourself at the same time can damage your health immensely, both physical and mental.

The HCG Diet is dangerous to your health and you will gain all the weight back and more!

This makes the HCG diet the worse rebound diet ever devised. After a few weeks of starvation and exhaustion yes you will lose weight but you will gain it all back and alot more. You will be bigger than ever on the HCG Diet, guaranteed. They simply use the word “HCG” as a gimmick to sell their “HCG Diet pills and HCG Diet Drops” The sad part is that all these pills and drops don’t even have any real HCG in them! I’ll say it again.

None of these pills or drops have any HCG in them!

Even if these pills and drops were 100% HCG you wouldn’t actually get any HCG because HCG is made up of amino acids and if taken orally or even under the tongue it will be broken down by the liver during digestion. You won’t actually get any of it into your system this way. Injecting it is the only way to get it and the injectable form is via doctors prescription only.

Even if these pills or drops had real HCG in them you would get NONE of it into your system anyway!

It gets even worse.

As if nearly starving you, nearly killing you, selling you fake female fertility drugs that can’t possibly have any effect expect to rob you they have taken it a step further and made certain they can keep robbing you indefinitly!. Most of the HCG Diet offers are re-billing scams. To learn more about these re-billing scams read my review of these Acai Diet offers.

Once they get your credit card, they will keep billing you ever month, and not stop!

They will take anywhere from $0 to $90 each month for those fake pills and drops. It is nearly impossible to get them to stop. Your credit card company will only give you red tape because of how they set it up and good luck trying to get any of these people on the phone.

Alright, so what does that leave us with? The whole basis of this idea was a cursory experiment on a select few extreme cases with no scientific results published. The maximum benefit of the whole HCG Diet claim is not that you will lose fat but that you won’t lose muscle while losing fat via starvation and exhaustion diet. The HCG products they sell have no actual HCG in them and even if they did, you still wouldn’t get any of it into you. And they will also make certain to keep robbing you every month. Wow. Scary.

If you still want to try taking female fertility drugs to lose weight then simply type hcg diet into google and pick a money pit. As long as you starve yourself and workout a few times a day you will lose weight no doubt. You will also lose quite a bit of money as these fake products are expensive. Even worse you will lose moral and faith in your potential to be strong, lean and healthy.

Avoid the HCG diet at any cost.

ambien says:

I know this if off topic but I’m looking into starting my own blog and was wondering what all is needed to get setup? I’m assuming having a blog like
yours would cost a pretty penny? I’m not very internet savvy so I’m not
100% positive. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Linda says:

I had the worst experience with HCG diet. I did 3 weeks of starvation and at the end I felt I was goin to die. I was very healthy before starting the drops. The second week I start to feel dizzy all the time, nearly fainting, I couldn’t work, walk, shop …I thought I was dying. I finally stopped it and I went to my GP who was so unhappy about it. I will never touch HCG again
I got it from another doctor who was ignorant and he wouldn’t take my calls when I got sick
My advice, before starting HCG , talk to your GP
I am going to go with weight watchers, more healthier and sensible

Linda says:

I had the worst experience with HCG diet. I did 3 weeks of starvation and at the end I felt I was goin to die. I was very healthy before starting the drops. The second week I start to feel dizzy all the time, nearly fainting, I couldn’t work, walk, shop …I thought I was dying. I finally stopped it and I went to my GP who was so unhappy about it. I will never touch HCG again
I got it from another doctor who was ignorant and he wouldn’t take my calls when I got sick
My advice, before starting HCG , talk to your GP
I am going to go with weight watchers, more healthier and snsible

Chris says:


I can offer proof of at least one person I know of who has lost a ton of weight and kept if off for four years, I believe. You can find him at:

A quick search on YouTube will show many others who have successfully done the program and kept their weight off as well.

Becs from New Zealand says:

Hiya, the best and safest way to lose weight is through healthy eating and exercise. I am finding exercising at least an hour a day and nutrition tracking (I am on 1300 calories a day) is working wonders for me. A great free website for all this and more is – a totally fantastic, positive, educational, and so much more site 🙂

Ray says:

Bobak, right on the money. this is all desperate ego talk. they want to believe they have found the magic pill. the same thing happened before when other diets were all the rage. i will not back down an inch. this hcg diet is a disaster. the hormones are just a gimmick, the real damage comes from them starving and exhausting themselves. this frightens me. I am determined to give them a alternative. even if they don’t try it at least I will have done as much as I can. And Don’t worry folks, it will be free, just another blog post. read it or not.

Bobak says:

By the anger in the last two comments, I would guess that the posters are already hormonally imbalanced and the last thing they should do is inject themselves with more hormones. My aunt was on this program and did lost a significant amount of weight, but a few months after stopping the program, not only did she gain back at least as much as she lost, but she is now completely discouraged from pursuing any other means of weight-loss and/or fitness. That’s probably the worst thing these types of programs do to their VICTIMS, they make them so dependent on the quick results with minimal hard work that when they get off and end up worse than they were before, they become depressed and lose all motivation to improve themselves.
People (especially Americans), should stop looking for that quick fix (ie HCG, Vitamin B shots, Acai diet, etc) and start developing healthy habits. That’s the only thing that can guarantee long term results. I have gone 4 years with no steady exercise routine or strict diet, but was able to maintain a better figure compared to my friends that were body builders or athletes that used either these fad diets, supplements, or steroids/GH. I attribute this to me having achieved my physique through years of good eating habits and exercise (prior to my 4 year hiatus).
Realistically, the more people are duped by these scams, the harder they will fight FOR the scams in order to justify their decision (this could have to do w/ cognitive dissonance resulting in a need for self-justification).
Another possible explanation could be that the comments are left by those that work in a field/position that profits from this type of “diet” (read scam).

Ray says:

Total bogus scam and very dangerous. I stand by my research. Post of pictures showing the success of the HCG diet. Real ones of real people, not just after two months of starvation and exhaustion either, but six months after….

I am not selling anything and I’m sure not making a profit. I maintain this site only to help others. I’ll dig as deep a hole as I want. It will never be big enough to hold anyone who has been on this diet after 6 months, that’s how obese they will be for risking their health with this hair brained bs and not bothering to learn about proper nutrition and body building. Instead they launch attacks on the internet.

Is the hole deep enough yet or should I keep digging?

Ann says:

Ray you are completely out of line. I am, along with 5 other people from my work, on the HCG diet and I can attest to the fact that YES WE HAVE LOST WEIGHT & FEEL AWESOME! Who are you to tell everyone your opinion – keep it to yourself. Your jealousy is extreme and you need to talk to someone about your attitude. If we feel like using the HCG so be it, it’s none of your business. In my opinion….you are a very ANGRY person regarding diets – get a life and get over it.

Ray says:

Weight loss loser is what you are. You starved and exhausted yourself each day for 43 days while injecting yourself with female fertility drugs and you lost weight… And did not gain any back… how long as it been exactly. Spare answering back. This is all lies and utter stupidity. The original protocol, the one where he is injecting starving pregnant women with hcg and watching what happens? Yes I read it. It is so sad how people continue to be fooled and fool themselves with this garbage. DIET NEVER work! NEVER

Weight loss winner says:

You are an ass. You did not site any scientific research, it was all opinion. I did the injectable HCG and lost 35 pounds in 43 days. I lost 7% body fat, only one pound loss came from muscle. I had my body fat measured professionally with water displacement. I also did not gain a pound back. You should not speak in absolutes, how can you say that HCG diets NEVER work…how in the hell do you know? Have you done double blind studies?? Have you even read the original protocol? He does speak about fat loss, it’s most of what he is talking about. You should do some research, instead of spouting stupidity. You don’t have to understand something for it to work, keep your opinions to yourself!

Ray says:

no, you did not lose anything, except your time and money. Your doctor is the worst person to go to to lose weight. Any doctor who gives you HCG to lose weight is a fraud. You are a liar. There is no HCG diet that works. The real HCG diet is based on a premise that is simply wrong. Anyone who loses weight on this does so through exhaustion and starvation, no HCG or any other gimmick is needed to get that system to weight drain you. You wll however need immense therapy to help you recover mentally after you gain all the weight back and worse.

Bethanie says:

I did the HCG through my primary care physican and I lost 60 lbs in 80 days. There are some scams out there but the real HCG does work.

Bogus Health Claims Exposed

Was a fat kid and major geek.. still am a geek, but now I have learned the truth about health and it is pretty much the exact opposite of what your doctor will tell you it is. Time to go old school and level up our health by focusing on gaining not losing. Gaining strength, knowledge and confidence. The weight loss will come easily.

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