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Steroids are Essential for Male Health

Steroids are Essential for Male Health

Anabolic steroids are not only among the safest drugs on the planet but they are also required for optimal health among all males.

Sounds Crazy right? Consider the following

  • There has never been even one confirmed death from anabolic steroid use.
  • The most popular anabolic steroid in use today is testosterone.
  • Since 1950 the average male testosterone rate has gone down by more than 30%

Common sense dictates that we as a society are testosterone deficient on an epidemic scale. We can now produce safe testosterone for inject and it’s safety and effectiveness has been proven for over 60 years. Why not correct this deficiency?

The simple answer is that there is no reason not to get every man in America over 35 on testosterone. It would help health, fitness, and give a tremendous boost to mental health among one of the most vital sectors of our population. Why then is there a huge stigma around steroid use?

The answer is two fold.

First is the use of steroids in professional sports and the stigma of cheating that it has caused. Still this is not enough to explain the monstrous taboo of steroid use. Even the medical industry demonizes steroids to the average man while it continus to utilize steroids as a staple drug for the treatment of many illnesses. What else is there?

Second our water and food supply is loaded with chemicals and hormones that reduce our testosterone rates.

  • BPA’s from plastics that bottle drinking water and most processed foods has been proven to produce xeno estrogens which lower testosterone rates in men.
  • Fluoride is in 60% of our water supply and has been proven to lower testosterone.
  • Pasteurized milk contains estrogen, which also lowers testosterone in men.
  • The hormones they use on cows leave traces of estrogen and other hormones in beef, which in turn lowers male testosterone rates.

From this we can see that nearly everything we drink and most of what we eat will lower our testosterone rate in some way. The reasons for why this are out of scope of this article, but it is happening.

What are symptoms of a low testosterone rate?

  1. Visible fat belly
  2. Trouble in orgasm
  3. Testicular shrinkage
  4. Loss of energy and stamina
  5. Less fuel for a man’s sex drive
  6. Feeling of depletion at day end
  7. Irritability with family and friends
  8. Loss of muscle mass from arms and legs
  9. Low production of fluid containing sperms
  10. Gloomy feeling with lowest optimism level
  11. Lack of “electricity” (Numbness) in the genital area
  12. Erectile dysfunction (impossible erections or failure in ejaculation)

Nearly everyman in American of nearly any age suffers from at least one of the above. This was not always the case. So then what are the benefits of a normal testosterone rate?

  1. Increased male sex drive
  2. Improve male sexual performance
  3. Enhance mood in men
  4. Reduce depression in men
  5. Increased energy and vitality
  6. Increase male bone density
  7. Improve male fertility
  8. Increases production of sperm cells
  9. Increased strength and endurance
  10. Regulate distribution of body fat
  11. Increase body hair growth
  12. Reduce risk of heart disease
  13. Develops lean muscle mass

Now the only questions are

Q: Is it really safe? Yes. Anabolic Steroid use is safe and effective. Please refer to Steroids: The Good.

Q: Is Steroid use dangerous legally? Getting caught without a prescription is dangerous yes. Please refer to Steroids: The Bad for more information

Q: Who else is doing this? Hormone Replacement Therapy HRT is very popular for men over 55 and has produced amazing results.

Q: How can I get some? The best way is via prescription from your Doctor, otherwise the blackmarket via the internet or your local gym is best.

Q: How Do I start? This is a whole other series. Coming soon.



vincent says:

Can i know the cost of the anabolic in Indian rupees . & how long v can take it & is it addict able ? can i quite it when my body doesn’t accept it ?

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