Raw Milk Banned in New York: Alternatives and Options for New Yorkers

Raw Milk Banned in New York: Alternatives and Options for New Yorkers

Raw Milk has been basically banned in New York State.


Raw milk is a wonder food that has been nurturing all mammal kind of hundreds of thousands of years.


  • “Raise cows because their milk is a cure for many diseases and their butter is a medication” – Found in Hadith As-Sahihah #  1553 and 1943
  • “So drink of the milk of cows because the cows eat from all sorts of plants” – As-Sahiha book # 518 – As-SahihaUl-Jami #1808

Sadly our government has yet to see the light and only allows us to consume pasuterized milk. We now know how bad pasteurized milk is for us.

New York State is one place where raw milk has been effectively banned. It can be sold in New York but not shipped, which means unless you drive up to the farm and buy it you cannot get it. This basically means all metro loving New Yorkers can’t get raw milk, even at the farmers market.

There is hope for New Yorkers tog et Raw milk.

  1. The Udder Milk Cooperative will deliver raw milk to you in New York City. I am not sure how they got around the shipping regulations but thank goodness. They have some rules so read up and give them a try.
  2. If raw milk is too much trouble then your best bet is nut milk, the best nut milk is
    1. Almond milk – A good alternative if you can’t find Hemp Milk
    2. Hemp Milk – Hemp seeds won’t get you high so don’t worry. Hemp seeds are loaded with protein and are a super food. Their milk is the best you can find among nuts and seeds.
    3. Avoid Soy Milk, as we now know how bad consuming large quantities of soy can be for men.
    4. Rice Milk is too high in carbs and sugar and should be avoided.
  3. Your other option is to simply do without any kind of milk. Black coffee grows on you.

If you can to read up on why Raw Milk is banned then the following resources can be of help


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