Raw Foods

An Introduction to Raw & Living Food

An Introduction to Raw & Living Food


What is Raw Food?

Raw food is a lifestyle and is humanities original way of eating

If you eat uncooked salads then you already eat raw foods. If you eat peanuts or any kind of nuts (technical note: only unpasteurized nuts count as raw) or sushi then you already eat raw foods. Fifty thousand years ago we were all raw foodists 100%

Technically Raw food is food that is never heated over 117 degrees farnetheit. Anything over 117 is the magic point where we would instincivly pull our hands away from it. Thus raw foodists naturally choose that temperature as the cut off.

Can it taste good and be satisfying?

I heard raw food and thought rabbit food. I was shocked to discover how rich raw food can be. Raw Food chef’s can be very creative in making raw food taste like the old favorites we love. For example, I have had delicious hamburgers where the patty was made from nuts and I could barely tell the difference. Pasta lovers also rejoice because there are ways to make raw pasta and it even helps you lose weight too. My whole nutrition system is based on taking the delicious foods we love, integrating a raw element into it to preserve the fiber and proteins and making it even more delicious! Great tasting recipes that will help you lose weight fast.

Raw Food is also extremely nourishing and filling in a good way. It would usually take twice as much cooked food to satisfy my appetite the way raw food does. Cat’s explanation is that the raw food is just more nourishing because all it;s proteins and minerals have not been killed off by heat, so you need less of it. Wow that makes it affordable and a good value even when you factor in the higher cost of high quality raw and organic foods.

Organic, then Vegan and now Raw? What is the difference?

Certain foods can be all three and a person can incorporate all three concepts into their lifestyle all at once. A food is considered organic when it is grown for a certain number of months with no pesticides or artificial drugs. Vegan referrers to a lifestyle where the person eats no meat or eggs or any animal products. There is a big debate in the Vegan community about honey. Raw is as stated above food taken right from the ground and not heated over 117 degrees.

The Raw food movement integrates and encompasses organic and vegan. Raw foodists eat their food raw so they do demand that the food be untouched by pesticides and artificial methods etc, hence they only eat organically certified foods. Most raw foodists are also vegan but you don;t have to be. I have enjoyed many raw burgers or raw bison and beef. I also love sushi and sashimi and that is raw yet not Vegan.

Can a raw food diet help me lose weight fast?

Yes. I tried a two week Raw Cleanse which Cat Erickson of World Redress guided me through and lost 15 lbs. Here are the results of the weight loss

A Raw food lifestyle will also insure you keep it off. Raw Foods biggest advantage for me is that it forces us to get all the fiber we were meant to get. Fiber is the one critical element that has been cut out of processed diets andwe have sufferred the disease of obesity for it. Raw food fixes this fiber problem automatically.

Do I have to go 100% Raw and Vegan to lose weight and keep it off?

No . If you just go 60% Raw you will see huge benefits. As for Vegan, that is totally unnecessary. Meat in moderation is a wonderful thing for your health and taste buds.

Who is doing this Raw Food thing?

Guys always ask me this. This movement has been around for over twenty years and while most of the people doing it now are women many are seeing the benefits.

  • Every cave man that ever lived
  • Every animal on earth
  • Woody Harrelson
  • Alicia Silverstone
  • Demi Moore
  • And now me, Ray 🙂

OK Fine, but how do I start?

Starting is as easy as eating chocolate.

Just make yourself an awesome Chocolate Elixir in the morning. It tastes great and is loaded with protein and good fats, it’s also Raw. In the coming months I will be showing you how to integrate raw food into your day and be enjoying the taste of your food more than ever before. Watching the weight fly off your body will just be a bonus.

Wait… Can I actually put muscle on this Rabbit F.. I mean Raw Food?

YES! I am now experimenting with this. MY goal is to put on a solid 30lbs of muscle as fast as I can on a Raw Food Diet. Results soon!

The Cobra says:

Your physique is the most impressive it has been– not in terms of raw size but in leanness and naturalness. I bet your energy levels are going through the roof. Meanwhile, I’m sick again, probably because my diet has been consisting of Indian buffets and late night pad Thai runs. Raw food save me now!

Raw Foods

Was a fat kid and major geek.. still am a geek, but now I have learned the truth about health and it is pretty much the exact opposite of what your doctor will tell you it is. Time to go old school and level up our health by focusing on gaining not losing. Gaining strength, knowledge and confidence. The weight loss will come easily.

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