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Baby Puree

Baby Puree

Nothing feels better than getting babies started right, especially with nutrition.

My good friend Heather just had a baby and it really got me thinking about how amazing it would be to nurture a newborn with the very best food on earth the second they stop breast feeding. A vegetable rich green puree is an awesome start and they should have it once a day. They will ask for it so much more though as  tt is amazingly delicious and very sweet. Even better it also low glycemic and incredibly nutritious! It is also made from totally raw and organic  ingredients so it comes straight from the earth as nature intended.

But wait… Why can’t you just buy baby food?

You would think that when it comes to our kids the big commercial food corporations would stop the funny business and only use the best ingredients but the truth is it is just business as usual for them. Commercial baby food is processed and you will find many less than stellar ingredients in them such as refined sugar and sometimes even corn syrup.

Most commercial baby food is notoriously high in sugar and this can wreck havoc with your baby blood sugar setting them up for diabetes later. The great thing is we can make our own awesome tasting baby food that is nourishing, low in sugar and can also help to regulate a baby’s blood sugar. The secret is to use your own local fresh ingredients and real whole super foods. Without further delay here is my …

Baby Green Knockout Puree Recipe

  • 1 Young Thai Coconut, water and meat
  • 2 tablespoons of Coconut Oil
  • 1-2 cups greens ( dandelions, spinach or organic lettuce )
  • 1-2 tablespoons of Raw Honey
  • 1 Apple
  • Half a Lemon
  • Half a tablespoon of Stevia
  • 1 tablespoon of Cinnamon
  • 1 spoon of Mesquite
  • 1 spoon of Lúcuma
  • 1 tablespoon of Maca
  • 2 spoons of Sun Warrior Protein
  • 1 spoon of Blue Green Algae

Blend it, in Style

Put this all into a blender until it is consistent and will still hold in a spoon well enough to feed the little fellow. I Highly recommend the VitaMix 5200 Blender.  It is expensive but it will change the way you eat and if anyone deserves the best it is your child. Check out their site and use Coupon Code 06-004792 for Free Shipping and a discount.

The Science of Baby Food

Each of these ingredients is amazing and together they make the ultimate food. I have this every morning ( except I add nutmilk to make it more like a drink rather than a puree as I am not an infant lol ) It keeps me going through an intense 3 hour boxing training session and I even have a jar of it afterwards to feed my muscles and regulate my blood sugar. Your kid will be Knockin’ em out!

  • Young Thai Coconuts are the best coconuts and coconuts in general are amazing. They are the most hydrating liquid you can have because their milk matches the consistency of the plasma in your blood more than any other fluid in nature, other than your own blood of course. Also the milk of a coconut is completely sterile. The coconuts thick shell and complex natural fibers act as a filtration system that totally cleans the water over a period of eight months.  WOW Oh and they have an awesome natural sweetness! Coconuts are so good for you I will be writing a Coconut article soon.
  • Coconut Oil is one of the best fats on earth. We all need good fats. The more active you are the more good fats you need for recovery of muscles and various organs, most importantly the brain. If you are literally growing everyday at a rapid rate then you must have as many good fats as you can get. Coconut oil is also an immune system booster. Nearly 50% of the fatty acid in natural coconut oil is lauric acid. Lauric acid destroys the lipid membrane of such enveloped viruses as HIV, measles, Herpes simplex virus (HSV-1), influenza and cytomegalovirus (CMV). Its usefulness in treating AIDS is currently under investigation. It is a main component of human breast milk and helps protect children from illness during infancy. Find it at your local organic market or get Raw certified organic Coconut Oil online
  • Dandelions is a great detoxifying agent. You may ask why a new born would need to be detoxified as they are basically brand new. Newborns start out fighting off a world that they see as foreign and toxic compared to the sterile womb they knew for 9 months. They accumulate many toxins in those first few weeks until their immune systems adapt and anything that helps them detoxify is good. Dandelions are also one of the least hybridized crops so you can usually get it as the earth originally made it. Spinach or organic lettuce will also do, or any other green on hand but my current favorite is Dandelions 🙂
  • Raw Honey is honey straight from the bee’s. It is thicker and has a more natural sweetness. Plain old honey and even organic honey have been pasteurized and often processed so they have lost much of their natural healing properties. Honey has been used as Warrior food by the Spartans, Egyptians and Incas alike.
  • Apples are one of the best tasting natural sweetners. A fresh fuji apple’s glycemic index is far lower than commercially sold apple juice.
  • Stevia is an amazing all natural sweetener with no sugar! It’s sweetness saturates anything you put it in and it’s glycemic value is near zero so you know your baby’s blood sugar will remain balanced and optimal. It is very important to make certain that your baby’s blood sugar levels do not get spiked too often. The higher our blood sugar goes the more our pancreas must work to process it. This can cause insulin imbalances which can make them more prone to type 1 diabetes later in live. The pancreas is especially sensitive at this age and treating it right now will pay off handsomely later! Check out my Best Sweetners Review for more low glycemic Sweetner options
  • Cinnamon is one of the most medicinal spices on earth and it makes things taste great. Cinnamon’s essential oils also qualify it as an “anti-microbial” food, and cinnamon has been studied for its ability to help stop the growth of bacteria Cinnamon also contains the mineral chromium which helps you balance your blood sugar. Keeping your baby’s blood sugar balanced is one of the most important things you can do for their health, especially for the future. Too often young children are forced to eat Baby Food that is extremely high in sugar and this is one of the main culprits in juvenile diabetes.
  • Lúcuma is a popular flavoring for ice cream in in Peru even exceeds the demand for more globally popular flavors such as strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla so you know it tastes great.  In fact, it was once referred to as the Gold of the Incas. Lúcuma an excellent source of carbohydrates, fibre, vitamins and minerals. It has lots of beta-carotene, niacin (B3) and iron. It is also low glycemic! Lúcuma powder is an awesome an nutritious sweetener.
  • Lemons: Lets talk about just how amazing the common lemon is. In traditional medicine, the lemon is widely known for its healing powers and is used in many different ways. In fact, the lemon is so powerful that it was used by the Romans as their cure for all types of poison. Because of its high vitamin C content, it is thought to help prevent and treat many infections, hasten wound healing and temper down high fever. Lemon juice also relieves symptoms of asthma, tonsillitis and sore throat. Pretty amazing for a fruit we take for granted. The sourness they add works amazingly well with the sweetness of this recipe.
  • Mesquite is of particularly great value to those looking to balance blood sugar levels. Mesquite flour offers a naturally sweet flavor to recipes, but its sugars are derived from fructose (which does not require insulin to digest and is readily metabolized). Additionally, the flour is an excellent form of fiber – meeting almost a quarter of daily needs in just two tablespoons – which not only improves digestion but further benefits sugar metabolism. Mesquite also contains lysine (an amino acid), as well as notable quantities of digestible protein, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and zinc. As such a balanced food, it is easy to see why our Native American ancestors relied so heavily on mesquite as a staple form of delicious nourishment. Mesquite comes in a powder that is easy to put into anything.
  • Maca is rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, sulfur and iron, and contains trace minerals, including zinc, iodine, copper, selenium, bismuth, manganese and silica, as well as vitamins B1, B2, C and E. Maca contains nearly 20 amino acids and seven essential amino acids.. During the height of the Incan Empire, legend has it that Incan warriors would consume maca before entering into battle. This would make them fiercely strong. But after conquering a city the Incan soldiers were prohibited from using maca, to protect the women from excessive sexual impulses. LOL Now you know why I love it. Maca is an amazing natural aphrodesiac, but don’t worry your little guy won’t grow up to be a sex maniac they will just be grow up to be alot sexier.  Maca powder is simplest way to get this amazing supe rfood into nearly anything.
  • Sun Warrior Protein: Your body needs protein to heal, regenerate and grow. Babies easily use all the protein they can get, much more so than we adults so it is even more important that they get as much of the best protein as possible so they achieve their maximum growth potential. Sun Warrior Protein is the only protein powder I use. The reason? It is actually a real whole food, not just a supplement like every other protein powder out there.  It is not made from whey, which is processed from pasteurized milk. Read my Milk article to see why pasteurized dairy products must be avoided.
  • Blue Green Algae is natures ultimate protein source. It is amazing stuff whose benefits are just to numerous.  E3 Live is the top brand of Blue Green Algae but there are many awesome ones.  For parents looking for major extra credit then go with Pure Synergy. It is my favorite and it has way more than just the algae. It is a superfood blend of 60 different plants, herbs, and superfoods. This product was developed and perfected over a 20-year period by Mitchell May, PhD. It was originally conceived to help Mitchell May recover from a severe car accident that caused extreme nerve and tissue damage. I put this into all my green smoothies and anything else I can sneak it into.

Now that’s Super Baby Food

A baby’s health should be taken seriously and no expense should be spared in research and preparation for giving it the very best from the very start. I put together this recipe as if I was going to give it to my own child, assuming I had one.

We live in a world of processed foods and it is easy to make mistakes but we are also blessed to live in a time where there are a select few who have achieved greater awareness and that we can get these products easily. Lets continue to educate each other and pass on our wisdom and experience. Our children are the main benefactors of our awareness! God Bless

Ray says:

Yes Cobra, you are right, artificial sweeteners are just plain bad and can often be poison really, especially to children.

The amazing thing about the above sweeteners is that they are 100% NATURAL and unprocessed. They are just ground up roots straight from the earth! Even more amazing is that they hardly have any sugar. WOW

The Cobra says:

Though they will keep the calories off in the short-term, artificial sweeteners have no place in the human (especially a baby) body. Ray’s health is a great site because it believes in natural, unprocessed food. Espousing artificial sweeteners is really the only glaring exception on the whole site.

Ray says:

Wow, awesome Heather, You just taught me two new things about baby nutrition!!! Thank you! Baby Drake is gonna be a total badass!

Heahter Prince says:

Thanks Ray,

I would make two tweaks to the baby version:

Honey: Babies are not supposed to have it because it contains Botulism spores

Stevia: Apparently sweeteners are really hard on babies livers.

I do think that it doesn’t need to be sweet as babies don’t know any different and it’s good not to feed their sweet tooth and enjoy veggies for what they are.

Sounds great!

Babies & Children Nutrition

Was a fat kid and major geek.. still am a geek, but now I have learned the truth about health and it is pretty much the exact opposite of what your doctor will tell you it is. Time to go old school and level up our health by focusing on gaining not losing. Gaining strength, knowledge and confidence. The weight loss will come easily.

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