Myth: Lifting Weights Will Get Me Too Buff and Muscular

Myth: Lifting Weights Will Get Me Too Buff and Muscular

This is one of my pet peeves, I used to find it hilarious but I have heard it so many times it is now just tiresome.

We have all heard people claim that if they lift weights at all they will get too muscular and that they would hate that. Amazingly enough it is women who say this most.

Putting on Lean Dry Muscle Mass Is Without Question the HARDEST Thing to do in all The Health World.

Losing weight is child’s play compared to putting on muscle. You do not end up looking like Ronnie Coleman by accident. This man eats about 10 huge meals a day. His breakfast is two huge pizza pies. He is on so many steroids and other hormones it could kill a horse. He squats 800lbs and it still took him over 20 years to do this. Also he has amazing genetics which about .00001% of the population has. If he wanted to look normal all he would have to do is stop eating 10 huge meals a day for a week and he is a normal guy.

Even if by some miracle of God, you awoke one morning and you were a huge muscle head, it would take you about a week to lose everything, just eat as your normally do. Gaining that kind of muscle is a combination of strict Dieting, training and drugs; maintaining it is just as hard.

I do not lift weights for other reasons, but not getting to huge is not one of them. It took me YEARS of perfect eating and hard lifting to get my current muscle weight. I must work even harder now to maintain it now that I no longer lift weights.

Why do people believe this myth?

It is like most things a product of ignorance about how the human body works. The body resists building lean muscle mass more than anything else, by comparison lose weight is almost too easy. Body Builders study nutrition, sports medicine and endocrinology for years before they have enough knowledge to be an elite bodybuilder.

When you gain weight, what Looks like muscle mass is really mostly water and fat. It has been proven in studies that the most lean dry muscle mass a human male can put on, with a perfect diet and a hard lifting routine, is 6-7 lbs in a year. For women this number drops to less than half, maybe 2 lbs of lean dry muscle a year if they kill themselves.

They might have gained about 30 lbs in that year and look like a different person, but only about 6lbs of it is actual muscle.

The point of all this is that the very last thing on earth you or anyone else, especially women, is getting too buff.  Women should try to get as muscular as they possible can, especially the smaller ones. It helps to strengthen their bones and raises their testosterone levels which will improve their mood, sex drive and help to burn fat. Do not worry ladies, even if you work your whole life to gain muscle your testosterone levels will never rise by more than 3-5% and it would take a rise of about 9000%-2000% before you noticed any masculine traits.

I once had a young lady try and convince me that if she did anything with weights she would gain 30lbs of muscle in a month and she was horrified. I spent over an hour patiently outlining to her how this is not possible with the way the human body has evolved. She refused to beleive me. This type of thinking is all ego and ignorance and is the biggest hurdle to weight loss and having the body you want.

I mention this myth not because I want to make fun of some silly beliefs but because I want to show by example that the hardest thing about change is letting your pride go and moving forward with what works.

Humility and Faith. With them, anything is possible and a lifetime of obesity can be conquered in a few months.

Praise God.

Luther Blissett says:

Faith and/or god is not necessary to loose weight.

Rebecca says:

Hey Ray!
your yoga partner/Doug’s girl,
This is great site thanks for the info!
much love,


Was a fat kid and major geek.. still am a geek, but now I have learned the truth about health and it is pretty much the exact opposite of what your doctor will tell you it is. Time to go old school and level up our health by focusing on gaining not losing. Gaining strength, knowledge and confidence. The weight loss will come easily.

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