My Mothers Egyptian Fermented Lemon Recipe

My Mothers Egyptian Fermented Lemon Recipe

A truly Healthy nutritious way of eating demands the use of Lemon juice. Instead of throwing them away we can use the squeezed lemons to make an incredibly health fermented food.


Lemons, while common are among the healthiest foods we can eat.

You can’t ever get to many of them and they are even better fermented. My grand mother fermented lemons and orange peels because they couldn’t afford cucumbers in Egypt.  “Meafina” is Egyptian slang for something that is fermented. Egyptians like most ancient peoples know how powerful fermented foods are and they work to ensure they get some every day. While this practice was done out of poverty by the people of Helwan, Egypt it has immense health benfits as the people from the area in Egypt where my mother’s family was from are known for their amazing strength, beauty and longevity.

Lemona Meafina Raw fermented Lemon Recipe

  • squeezed lemons – as many as you have, orange peels also work great!
  • 4 tablespoons of sea salt
  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • Your favorite spices – I use a dash of Cumin, coriander, turmeric and ginger
  • a small handful of crumpled raw feta cheese
  • 3 tablespoons of olive oil


  1. Remove the hard ends of the lemons with a knife
  2. Cut the lemons  into bite sized pieces with your hands or use a knife
  3. Stuff the lemons into the jar
  4. Fill jar with enough water to cover all the lemons
  5. Use a garlic crusher to crush the cloves of garlic or mince them very finely with a knife
  6. Add the garlic, salt and crumpled feta cheese to the jar.
  7. Close the jar and shake it well
  8. Open the jar and coat the top of it with some olive oil to act as a preservative.
  9. Put a napkin on the jar and lightly put the top on
  10. Store in a cool dry place for 5 days, You can even put this in the refrigerator from the beginning as it doesn’t last as long as other fermented foods.
julie richman says:

Hi Ray,

I am fascinated by your recipes, having no experience with Egyptian food, I am excited to try. How do you eat the lemon meafina, as a condiment w/ with other foods or….?

Keep up the good work &
aloha from Maui!


Was a fat kid and major geek.. still am a geek, but now I have learned the truth about health and it is pretty much the exact opposite of what your doctor will tell you it is. Time to go old school and level up our health by focusing on gaining not losing. Gaining strength, knowledge and confidence. The weight loss will come easily.

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