Is Eating Raw Veggies Really Healthier?

Is Eating Raw Veggies Really Healthier?



Eating Raw Veggies is Healthier for you, but not for the reasons you might think.

What Raw Vegetables do I like eating?

  • Leeks – Like a huge mild Scallion. So Tasty and crisp to the palette
  • Scallions – The Chinese believed this to be a miracle herb. I just love them.
  • Bell Peppers – Sweet, Cool and Refreshing. Goes great with anything
  • Spinach – My family raised me on this and I love the taste. More on Spinach later…
  • Arugula – My mother gave this to us everyday. Apparently Egyptian families love this stuff.
  • Avocado – Officially a Fruit but it is so tasty and has great natural fats which our bodies NEED!

What Raw Vegetables do I like eating but cannot

  • Tomatoes – To acidic for my stomach
  • Onions – Also too acidic for my stomach
  • Garlic – Also too acidic but I sneak it in anyway as it is the best thing ever!

Does cooking Vegetables lower their nutritional value?

The Short answer is NO!
Steaming your veggies is best, boiling them second best.

SHOCKING FACT: In some cases steaming certain vegetables will actually raise the amount of minerals and vitamins your body can absorb from them!

Wow.  Lets try and figure this out.

How can cooking vegetables make them more nutritious? Vegetables have thick cell walls. Their cell walls are made of a compound, cellulose, that is very hard for humans to digest. Our  appendix is the organ does brakes cellulose down and lets us get the nutrition form greens, but our appendix no longer works the way it did tens of thousands of years ago. This is why humans do not graze on grass. Horses and other animals can digest this stuff, we cannot.

Cooking vegetables helps break down the cell walls and lets the minerals and vitamins leak out so we can digest them. It also softens them and helps aid in mechanical digestion.

Also, mentally, if you enjoy your vegetables cooked then you will eat them. If you do not eat them then they have no nutritional value for you at all. This is another reason why cooking is good.

Check out this article at the Scientific American about the nutritional value of cooking your vegetables.

So why do you say eating vegetables RAW is Healthier???

It is a psychological thing. Eating right and losing weight is a challenge of the mind, not the body. If we can condition our minds with the right outlook on eating and nutrition as a lifestyle and a journey and not a fleeting goal then we can and will be the best we can be.

We live in an age where everything is processed by machines, chemicals and even genetically altered. Are we even in control anymore?

YES! We can take control and one of the best ways to do that is to put a raw veggie into your mouth and chew the thing and then swallow it and smile! Every time you do this is it a form of self empowerment. It might sound will but every time I chew on a raw bell pepper with my dinner I feel so good that I smile and see myself as a kind of rebel. Find your own way of relishing this feeling. Empowerment is what this entire journey is all about.

Eat your Veggies Raw whenever you can. Steam them if you wish, as long as you eat then. The best time to have them is dinner as it keeps you from pigging out at night and they are low calorie.

Note on Spinach: Anemia and iron deficiency runs in my family hence why eat alot of Spinach because we believed it to have a great deal of iron.

SHOCKING FACT: Spinach is not particularly high in iron. The original German study that created this myth was in error. The researcher misplaced the decimal point on the iron value in Spinach, hence giving it 10 times more iron than it has. Also Spinach has a substance in it that makes it even harder for our bodies to absorb the iron in it. I eat Spinach because I love the taste and it does indeed have many other vitamins such as Calcium and folates etc…

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