How to Recycle in your Kitchen

How to Recycle in your Kitchen

Behold the pinnacle of Recycling and Architectural Beauty. Buddhist monks from Thailand’s Sisaket province took matters into their own hands and collected a million bottles to build the Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew temple


Recycling is good for the planet.

We all know this yet it is not enough to get most of us to care enough to take real action. So here are some easy, practical and money saving ways to recycle that you will love.

Reuse Glass & Plastic jars from products you buy as

  • Pickle Jars
  • Sauce Jars
  • Glass Drink bottles
  • Plastic Coconut Oil jugs
  • Any jar or container with a wide enough opening to easily pour liquids into it can be reused.

Reuse Glass Jars as

Reuse Plastic Jars as

  • Storing my protein smoothies and shakes
  • Storing anything that I might want to take on the road – Plastic won’t break as easily when transported
  • As potted plant holders, the bigger the plastic jug the better

Simple Recycling Tips

  • Always ask for paper bags when you go shopping. Paper is fully biodegradable where as plastic is not.
  • Even better bring your own cloth bag when you go shopping.. This way you won’t have to take paper or plastic.
  • Try and favor buying recycled products

In taiwan a massive 3 story building has called the EcoARK been built from recycled plastic tea bottles. You don’t have to build an entire building for recycling to make a difference. It starts in your kitchen.

Recycling Resources


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