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Girly Man America: How a flood of Estrogen has killed the American Man

Girly Man America: How a flood of Estrogen has killed the American Man


America ain’t what it used to be.

The cowboys are now l0ng gone. Put to sleep, not by bullets but a process of slow poison via an intergenerational flood of estrogen.

  • GMO Foods such as soy, corn and wheat have been engineered to raise estrogen levels in males. Thanks Monsanto
  • All Dairy is now infused with hormones that raise estrogen when drinking milk or eating their meat, Thanks again Monsanto.
  • BPA’s that leak out of all plastic containers contain xeno hormones that again raise our estrogen whenever we drink bottled water or eat any processed foods.
  • Massive amounts of sugar via High Fructose Corn Syrup in nearly everything. HFCS has been proven to raise estrogen levels as well.
  • Fluoride and chlorine in our water supply has been linked to lowering testosterone as well.
  • Certain vaccines have been found with viruses that have been linked to handicap testosterone production in males.
  • Demonizing cholesterol. Focused agenda to lowering cholesterol levels in males in turns lowers testosterone levels because all hormons have cholesterol in them as the main structural ingredient.

Estrogen is a female sex hormone. We men have some too but too much causes the following effects

  1. Increased water retention.. not so bad
  2. Increased fat retention.. bad
  3. Lower testosterone rates… VER VERY BAD!

The lower testosterone rates weaken men on ever level.

  • Lower Strength
  • Lower Mental focus
  • Lower Sex Drive
  • Lower cognitive ability
  • Lower Ambition

This has resulted in a legion of weak, stupid fat worthless males who have no will to resist mental enslavement. The result of this…. an army of unhappy women. I can’t blame them. Our ladies are not happy about this lack of men and it shows.

A war against Testosterone

This is not something that happens by accident. A complete and total saturation of our food and water supply with elements that disable our production of the most potent masculine hormone and inhibits our cognitive abilities over the course of generations is not simply a coincidence. If you are tempted to say “conspiracy theory” then you are not doubt a brainwashed girly man. Please go to and never come here again.

I would like to provide links and sources for my research but I know you won’t read it, we are Americans after all. For those of you who still like to read and learn please look up my three Articles on Steroids here.

The ageneda is deep and it is centuries long. Testosterone is a good thing to focus on because it is what THEY have been focused on, destroying our manhood.  The truth is easy to figure out, just do the opposite of what your doctor says.

  • “Steroids bad”… steroids are essential for optimal health and perfectly safe
  • “Too much testosterone is bad, bad for your hearth.. yeah that’s the ticket”… the more testosterone the better, no such thing as too much. Great for your heart!
  • “Girls hate muscular guys”… the girls I like love em.. I am gonna start restoring my testerone supply to normal, pre poison levels and workout and learn to eat right.
  • “Vaccines are required”…never ever get a vaccination, the black death in a shot
  • “Fat is bad”… real fats from nuts, fish and raw dairy are critical for good health and weight loss.
  • “Raw milk is dangerous!!!”.. Raw milk is the best thing for you and has nurtured humanity and all mammals for hundreds of thousands of years.

Do I really need to continue? Here are some interesting stats about testosterone levels in American males.

  • US male testosterone levels dropped 17% from 1987-2000, not related to aging  -Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 92: 196-202
  • Male testosterone levels drop by over 1.2% each year, every year among males of ALL ages.
  • Male Testosterone levels have dropped over 40% since the 1950’s
  • Read the study yourself if you can still summon enough focus to read at all with your pitifully low testosterone levels.

Men are disappearing. We need to wake up and accept that all our doctors are liars and put to poison us. All our food is poisoned and we must think radically to take back our health. Here are 10 steps you can take right now to take back your health.

  1. Stop drinking all sweet beverages, all soda is banned, all soft drinks, for credit credit even fruit juice is out, you want apple juice? eat a damn apple. No sugar in your coffee either… EVER
  2. Stop eating any foods with sugar. This means nearly everything you buy in a super market. Even bread has High Fructose Corn Syrup. Ketchup is also out.
  3. Learn to read the labels and skip the fat and look at the sugar.
  4. Avoid anything “low fat” or “fat free”. These are code words for Sugar added. Fat is GOOD! Sugar is BAD
  5. Start buying your groceries at ethnic supermarkets like Indian, Pakistani, Arabic, or African ones. They stock unprocessed foods made outside the USA this means they are most likely not poisoned by GMO, fluoride, BPA’s and whatever other poisons they give us here.
  6. Empty your cup. Forget everything you know or have been taught about health or nutrition. It is all completely WRONG.
  7. Learn to read. Yes, you are illiterate! You might be reading this now but you have been robbed of your ability to read critically and that is necessary as you must reeducate yourself from scratch about health and fitness.
  8. Stop focusing on “LOSING” fat or otherwise and focus on BUILDING, muscle!, knowledge, BALLS!
  9. Start learning about steroids and get on a cycle of steroids ASAP. I will be writing a series of guides for the begineer. You ain’t gonna turn into Arnold or Ronnie but you might start getting ripped and will feel like you are 17 again.
  10. Go to your doctor and confront him about their lies and malpractice. Humiliate them with your knowledge and facts and tell them you have ZERO respect for them and you love being a man and to go choke on their own drugs.
This is the LEVEL UP Guide to real health. It starts in your mind. I am sick of the lies and sick of holding back. I am sick of being fat lazy and stupid. I will guide you through my journey from weakness to strength. Join me if you want, otherwise go back to Oprah and be gone.


Mental Health

Was a fat kid and major geek.. still am a geek, but now I have learned the truth about health and it is pretty much the exact opposite of what your doctor will tell you it is. Time to go old school and level up our health by focusing on gaining not losing. Gaining strength, knowledge and confidence. The weight loss will come easily.

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