Egyptian Koshary – The Best Carb Recipe

Egyptian Koshary – The Best Carb Recipe

Egyptian Koshary is delicious, comforting and now Healthy Muscle Food!

Egyptian Koshary is delicious, comforting and now Healthy.

The masses of Egypt live off Koshary, pronounced  ( Kush ah ree) Hardly anyone outside of Egypt or the middle East knows of it. In Egypt you can get a huge bowl of this for as little as six cents and live off of it all day.

There are two kinds of Koshary, Alexandria Koshary and Cairo Koshary. My mother always made Alexandria koshary for us at home and I love it too. Cairo Koshary is far more popular and I actually like it more so I took my mothers recipe and altered it to make the carbs more complex and the proteins more complete. It is now muscle food that still tastes like a comforting dish to heal you after a hard days work.

Benefits of Koshary

  • Koshary is amazingly tasty especially with the garlic sauce but even without.
  • Good complex carbs to give you sustained energy all day. You will get a huge energy boost right after eating it too.
  • Koshary is 100% Vegan
  • Koshary is a source of complete proteins thanks to the quinoa. Vegans Rejoice
  • Koshary has enough protein to replace any and all soy products from your diet. Too much soy can be very bad for you.
  • Koshary is so easy to prepare in a rice cooker. You can cook it once and eat it over and over again.
  • Keeps for a long time in tupperware in your fridge so you can take it on the go.

My Mothers Cairo Koshary Recipe ( super enhanced )

* Tip – If you have a hard time finding these ingredients then just order them online. I have links to all my ingredients on my Food Page. That’s what I do,I buy 10lb bags of each and even with the shipping I still save big.


  1. Put the quinoa, rice and lentils into your rice cooker and hit the botton. Stir occasionally.
  2. While the rice cooks put some olive oil into your pot, chop up 2 onions and throw them in on medium heat. Stir until golden
  3. If you haven’t already made Tomaya, the special garlic sauce that goes on Koshary then make it now. The Garlic sauce recipe is here.
  4. Combine the contents of the rice cooker, the golden onions and pour some Tomaya onto the Koshary.
  5. If you want to add a bit more to Koshary then nuts, raisins and avocado slices work very well!

Cook the onions in Olive Oil until slightly brown




A Rice Cooker makes making Koshary as simple as hitting a button




Egyptian Koshary with some Garlic Sauce and Ready to Eat



Ray says:

Hi Moira, The recipe has been tweaked a bit to be healthier and have more complex carbs and protein. The orginal recipe was white rice and macaroni elbows made with white flour.

Moira Nel says:

Can you please tell me where in Cairo can I buy quinoa?


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