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Cures cancer with his hands 100% Success

Cures cancer with his hands 100% Success

In this compelling interview, Professor William (Bill) Bengston discusses his research that shows that cancer can be cured in mice using only a mental process. He also discusses the negative reactions to his research among other scientists and what the results might mean for humanity. Topics include: hands-on-healing, curing cancer, energy healing, healing with intent and more.

William Bengston, PhD

Excerpted from The Energy Cure: Unraveling the Mystery of Hands-On Healing by William Bengston (Sounds True, October 2010). Copyright © 2010 William Bengston and Sylvia Fraser. Reprinted with permission.

When I walked into the 2005 meeting of the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM) in Colorado Springs, a couple of hundred people were sitting, eyes closed, chanting OM.

The ISSSEEM is a nonprofit interdisciplinary organization dedicated to exploring all forms of energy healing. Unlike the SSE , it has no stringent qualifications for joining, resulting in a broad-based membership ranging from highly qualified medical people to hands-on healers with no formal training. Since my paper on resonant bonding was more scientific than inspirational, I wondered if I had made a mistake in presenting here; however, the audience proved receptive, and through my new association with the ISSSEEM I have met several people who I hope will be lifelong friends.

Bonnie from Idaho is an oncologist who gave up her medical practice a dozen years ago to become an energy healer, because she thought she could do more good that way. Les, an Arizona internist, was about to give up his practice for the same reason. While he was taking standard case histories, he began hearing voices in his head offering additional information and even making diagnoses. When he asked his patients if the things he heard made sense, they said they did. To be true to himself, he decided to become a full-time hands-on healer. He regarded attendance at ISSSEEM meetings as an opportunity to learn healing techniques. After I explained cycling, along with how I move my hands, I offered my usual caveat about not knowing what parts of my process were critical and what parts were just a tool. “What does it matter,” Les asked, “so long as your patients are getting better? That’s all that counts.”

I gazed at him across the gulf separating the clinician from the researcher—the same one I had experienced with Ben. As I had been rediscovering at the ISSSEEM, the world of energy healers is divided between the clinicians who treat on blind faith and are perpetually reinventing the wheel, and researchers isolated in their laboratories who blindly follow the data without regard to its application or the practical discoveries of the clinicians. That bothered me then. It still does.

Bill Bengston underscores the need for organizations such as ISSSEEM. ISSSEEM’s importance is “Bridging Science and Spirit”; bringing dialogue and connection between researchers, scientists, clinicians, practitioners and seekers.

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