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Colloidal Silver : Miracle Cure or Quackery ?

Colloidal Silver : Miracle Cure or Quackery ?

Colloidal silver is an alternative medical treatment that has draw considerable controversy.


A glass of colloidal Silver Solution is just a big cloudy

It is basically single molecule sized chunks of actual silver that can be ingested and is supposed to kill bacteria equal to or better than most antibiotic. Does it work and if so for what and how well ? Is Colloidal silver just plain quackery or is it actually dangerous ?

Medical Uses of Colloidal Silver

  • Silver nitrate drops are used on the eyes of new born babies to prevent eye infections
  • Silver is also used to treat burn victims and disinfect wounds
  • Bandages using silver have proven many times more effecting for healing wounds and preventing infections.
  • many water purification kits contain colloidal silver. It kills pathogens in water.
  • In Germany, Japan and many Latin American countries such as Cuba and Venezuela Colloidal silver is used on literally hundreds of bacterial infections.


This man is supposed to have contract agria, the skin turning blue, from putting colloidal silver on his face.

This man is supposed to have contract argyria, the skin turning blue, from putting colloidal silver on his face. Oprah even did an entire show on this topic “The man who turned blue” You know what this means… It’s gotta be legit ! Time to at least try it myself

Any topic that has generated such debate within the alternative medical community and such virulent opposition from the traditional medical establishment deserves to be studied in further depth.

Doing a search on google for “colloidal silver” turns up horror stories and pictures of blue people. Wikipedia smacks it down and the entire western medical establishment denounces it. This was more than enough to convince me that it was worth trying and would most likely work quite well for most things.

Sounds crazy? When you consider that our medical establishment is completely servile to the drug companies whose drugs kill thousands of people a year while cancer, diabetes and obesity only increase it is safe for a scientific thinking person to assume that whatever they say is bad is good. The demonization of steroids alone should be enough proof of this. The drug companies are scared silly over colloidal silver and that is enough proof for me to begin experimenting on myself.

Do It YourSelf Colloidal Silver

The first thing I did was to research the best Do It Yourself Colloidal silver generator. All signs pointed to the Sota Colloidal Silver Generator. Sota has been approved by one of the leading authorities in this field, the late Robert Beck. He has an excellent colloidal silver handbook (PDF) , which is an excellent intro. This handbook even has detailed diagrams and instructions for making your own if you are electronics savvy.


My Experiments

All the quotes from doctors, researchers and whatever don’t hold a candle to real self experimenation. So I ordered my Sota Silver Pulser for $250.00 It came in the mail  a week later and the manual came a week after that, go figure. Sota has good instructional videos so I didn’t have to wait for it.


I plugged it in, put in the two thing silver wires into a glass of distilled water, waited 2 hours and i had a nice class of colloidal silver. So I drank it. Super scientific huh? Didn’t feel any different so it was time to begin some trials.

The Sinus Mucus Experiment.

The second thing I did was experiment with my sinuses. I would always douche my sinuses with a netipot every morning. It is basically a solution of salt and water than I pour into one nostril and let flow out the other. I had major mucus problems when I was still consuming pasteurized dairy so I needed it. I decided to try the colloidal silver instead of the salt water solution.

IT BURNED!!! I felt a hot burn as it went through my sinuses. My head felt like it was on fire. It was not painful, just jarring. It felt like something was working. The entire day I breathed more fully and clearly than I could ever remember. Was this was normal folks breathed like? It was so refreshing I went for a jog right afterwards and at night. WOW! That worked pretty well. The next day it did not burn as much but still opened up my sinuses pretty well. I tried stopping it and after a few days my sinuses were clogged up again. This nasal douce has become a permanent part of my morning routine. Score a MAJOR win for colloidal silver.

The Common Cold Experiment

My Colds are not quite so common. I usually get sick about twice a year and I have dark flem, major mucus and fever. It takes me about a month to recover. This time when I felt a cold coming on I started drinking the colloidal silver. Just a cup in the morning after my sinus treatment and a cup at night of 10 parts per million. I felt the battle raging within me and within 5 days the cold had passed. It could have just been a placebo effect though but usually this would have turned to a month long affair. Colloidal Silver scores another one.

I really didn’t have anything else to experiment with it but as I will update this post with more experiments as I go along. I would like to try it on acne breakouts and healing wounds faster etc.

The Dog Test

I have a pet theory, excuse the pun, that animals instinctively know what is good for them, where as us now dumb humans will eat or drink anything if the TV tells us so. Cows refuse to eat GMO foods and many other animals reject man made substances naturally. So I poured a little colloidal silver into two bowls of water.

One was Evian spring water from a bottle, the other was also Evian spring water with a cup of my distilled water colloidal silver solution poured into it. I left it there for a friends dog, animal lovers don’t fear because by this time I had tried it out on myself for months. The pouch went straight for the colloidal silver water, twice ! Take it for what it is worth. Many other people have tried it on their dogs with amazing results.


  • Always use distilled water
  • Don’t leave the pulser on for more than 3 hours in the water
  • Fresh colloidal silver is best, if it turns yellow after a while don’t use it.
  • Drinking it ever day isn’t necessary, just for treating ailments or if you are like me the sinus douce is a life saver.
  • Many of the above hospitals in the countries mentioned use it as a cure for Candida with amazing results.

The Final Word

Colloidal Silver works. I can see how this would work miracles in cases where antibiotics failed because they were too weak or the body had developed too much resistance to them. Colloidal silver is much much cheaper than drugs and from all accounts far more effective. There is a reason why the medical establishment is so afraid of colloidal silver. 95% of doctors would be out of work if this became mainstream.

Everyone serious about health should have their own colloidal silver generator on hand and use it often. Experiment and don’t worry about blue man syndrome that is just another big lie from the drug companies and medical industry puppets like Oprah and Doctor Oz.

Oh yeah and the whole blue man thing…. is a complete fraud. He used a saline salt solution to get the smurf effect and got paid well by Oprah and her big pharma sponsors. Just do the exact opposite of what Oprah tells you.


Some Words from normal folks about Colloidal Silver

  • This stuff has been a miracle anti-biotic for me since I started using it 9 months ago. It really works! Every time I feel a cold coming on, I take CS and my symptoms go away almost immediately. I’ve been getting serious bronchitis each year and avoiding it this year has aided in my health recovery signi…ficantly. -Cheryl Meryl
  • I take this stuff daily, and I am still my natural hue, of course. It has improved my life and the lives of many around me. Buy a microparticle generator today and you and your friends and loved ones will be much safer, especially with the super bacteria that is in our hospitals and the viruses that are around the corner. Any nick, cut or fever. Use lots…’s safe! -Steve Cummings
  • I make my own colloidal silver and have been taking an ounce a day for the last 6 years and I’m in perfect health and haven’t been sick for that length of time. My colloidal silver is 10 ppm micro particles that get into the tiniest places that they need to get into. It’s pure and looks like plain water, rather than the nasty looking impure yellow and brown 400 ppm with too big a particle to do any good. There are receptors in the cells for silver, and the soil used to have it a hundred years ago before it was depleted of so many minerals. You can imagine why the FDA (Fraud and Death Administration)/big pharma/MD’s (all the same) don’t like colloidal silver. -Tom Dannecker


Ray says:

Also as a note. Sota’s colloidal silver pulser does make colloidal silver but to use it to pulse blood seems useless. I doubt their brain tuner is of any value either as it is based on Bob Becks’ tech and he was a known dis info agent, who did testify against Ruth Drown, a known radionics pioneer.

Despite this colloidal silver is very real and very effective.

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