Bogus Health Claims Exposed

Cholesterol is Awesome! Surprising facts about Cholesterol

Cholesterol is Awesome! Surprising facts about Cholesterol

Cholesterol Rocks! Egg Yolks are a gift from God because they are loaded with ALL the nutrients ESSENTIAL for life, including Cholesterol. Yum!




Cholesterol is a vital component of every cell in your body and is essential to good health.

“Numerous studies have shown that high certain kinds of cholesterol have been linked to heart disease”.  We hear that industry line constantly so much so that we have been taught to avoid Cholesterol at all costs.

  • Which studies and who funded them?
  • What kinds of cholesterol exactly and where do they come from?
  • How exactly has it been linked to heart disease?

I am writing this because a good friend of mine from Jui Jitsu class confided in me that he has not had a single egg yolk for over a decade for fear of getting to much Cholesterol. Before we answer the above questions lets first get clear on what cholesterol actually is.

A few surprising facts about Cholesterol…

  1. Cholesterol is a Steroid!

    Cholesterol is a steroid. Don’t Believe me? The definition of a steroid is any compound with a certain structure, which cholesterol as well as estrogen, testosterone and other anabolic steroids all share. Whoa!


    Cholesterol is actually the most common steroid found in the human body. Steroid is a loaded word and it complciates the picture for most people other than bio chemsits. Don’t worry, Cholesterol won’t make you a huge muscle head nor will it kill you. Other examples of Steroids are Testosterone and estrogen. Our body makes them everyday and they are critical for life. If you want more clarification then read my article on Steroids, benefits, side effects and politics.

  2. Cholesterol is found in every cell of your body. It is an essential structural component of mammalian cell membranes, meaning you would literally fall apart without it. Other uses for it include making bile for digestion, creating all the hormones of your body and producing vitamins.
  3. Cholesterol is so important to life functions that your body actually makes it’s own supply. 25% of Cholesterol is made in the liver, the rest is made in the digestive tract, adrenal glands and reproductive organs.
  4. Human breast milk contains high levels of Cholesterol, all kinds of Cholesterol. Is nature trying to kill babies via heart disease ?

Why then has Cholesterol been made out to be such a horrible thing?

The answer becomes clearer when we see the link between cholesterol and fat. Fat has been a health boogeyman even before Cholesterol was. The whole no fat health craze began in the early eighties and now Cholesterol has been added to the mix. The following facts will make the picture clearer.

  • Fat has been made out to be principal health enemy #1 since the 80’s low fat craze.
  • Both Fat and Cholesterol is found in cheese, egg yolks and all kinds of meat, including fish.
  • Since then Childhood Obesity has become an epidemic, diabetes, heart disease and obesity rates have skyrocketed.

It seems that their advice isn’t helping.

How did we get so sick so fast?

The answer lies in simple economics. The food companies all jumped on the government sponsored fat free health craze, which many health experts were against. The problem with fat free processed foods is that they taste horrible. You can make a dish fat free in your kitchen and work the taste in with good old fashioned home cooking but in a factory that doesn’t work. So how did the food companies keep their products tasty while still being fat free? They added sugar, lots of sugar and the worst kind of sugar. This is how we have come to find poison like high fructose corn syrup in nearly everything on the supermarket shelf, from ketchup to soda to bread to baby food! Read my article on how sugar has poisoned America and you will see what the real enemy is.

The average American got about five lbs of sugar a year at at the turn of the century (1900) A hundred years later and we are up to about 250 lbs of sugar a year for each man woman and child, alot more for minorities.  The human body can not handle such quantities of sugar and obesity, heart disease and diabetes are the result. Sugar on this level cannot be found in nature yet fat can. The human body is much more able to handle the intake of fats than sugar. If you read my article on sugar you will see that the most common sugars put into our foods are turned into fat many times faster than actual fat. Eating a brick of lard a day would be better for you than having a few soda’s.  This is not an exaggeration.

What do we do now?

Blaming any one food is not the answer. avoiding, fat, sugar or whatever else they come up with is not the answer. The answer is to avoid processed foods. To eat real whole foods only, as raw as possible. Go have that egg yolk and if your doctor bitches at your for high cholesterol then tell him to shut the fuck up and lose his gut, then talk. I could post to medical studies that have linked better health to high cholesterol but all that is pointless. The questions above are answered by knowing that medical studies are now an exercise in industry funded advertising. Look to common sense to know what is good for you. Anything from nature is good for you.

Mothers Milk and Eggs are sources of life that have sustained this planet and yet they are extremely high in Cholesterol. Don’t worry about good Cholesterol, bad Cholesterol or good fats and bad fats just eat real foods untampered with by corporate executives. Doctors cannot help you either, they are just certified drug dealers citing industry funded studies. We must learn how to eat right, how we were meant to eat and be nourished by the planet.

I am now in the process of testing the Savant System, a guide on how to Nourish yourself to good health, six pack abs and all that we deserve. I will publish details soon.

Ray says:

All medical/scientific studies are bullshit. I will say it again so my blanket statement cannot be forgotten, All medical scientific studies are complete bunk and should be ignored and avoided, much like food with the label “fat free”.

at the turn of the century when we had none of these processed foods, nor these studies people were much healthier. If man “made” it, as in processed it, then avoid it. This is all we need to go by.

sascha says:

I’m an analytical thinker and need empirical proof of things.
I can take a good look around but the problem is genetics is a huge factor. Some dudes don’t do shit, eat a bunch of garbage and are still fairly toned. This is probably due to endogenous testosterone levels or some crap like that.
The information I need is what’s going to work with my genetics to give me the healthiest body. Exercise is a no-brainer (and I don’t prioritize it enough) but diets I’m really not sure.

I know a guy in Cali who got ripped just eating any and all forms of calories while working out like crazy.
I think you’re talking about the paleo diet right? How can I tell that’s better than say the blood type diet, or the low carb diet, or a low glycemic index diet, etc?

There’s too many’s tough to know. You’re ripped and in great shape, but could you have done the same thing by working out just as much but eating say more cooked protein? And if so how would you know? How can one know the chemical impacts of diet without relying on scientific studies and if one does so how does one distinguish between real research and wink-wink nudge nudge we’ll pull your funding research?

Ray says:

Their linkages are a joke. so are all their studies. reading their crap is a waste of time. Instead we should educate ourselves about how to eat as humans were meant to, no studies can tell you that, just tradition and a good look around.

Sick and tired of these flabby clowns in lab coats trying to scare us. Guess who pays them. Someone needs to mess them up.

sascha says:

hmmmm…interesting but what about the linkages b/w LDL and arterosclerosis?
If LDL is not the culprit, then what causes these deposits?

Bogus Health Claims Exposed

Was a fat kid and major geek.. still am a geek, but now I have learned the truth about health and it is pretty much the exact opposite of what your doctor will tell you it is. Time to go old school and level up our health by focusing on gaining not losing. Gaining strength, knowledge and confidence. The weight loss will come easily.

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