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Steroids : The Bad

Steroids : The Bad
steroidsthebadThis Anabolic Steroid user has seen the bad side of Steroid use. Notice his grotesuqe arms. While this person obviously uses steroids they acheived that amazing size by using sythol. Synthol is not a steroid but an oil you can inject into your muscles like a do it yourself implant.

The physical side effects of Steroids can be bad but going to jail is far worse.

Steroids has become a dirty black market business since 1990 when The Steroid Control Act made having Androgenic Anabolic Steroids the equiavalent of having a kilo of Cocaine. If you ever get busted or fear doing so first consider if it is worth the risk and if you deem it so then get the best possible Legal council, Rick Collins the best steroid legal expert in the USA.

Rick Collins J.D. is a man you want on your side if you ever get targted by the FEDS for Anabolic Steroids.

Side Effects of Steroids

Anabolic Androgenic Steroids ( AAS ) do indeed have side effects. This is why proponents of steroids demand that at least three months of research be done on AASs before someone tries them.

The good news is nearly all the side effects of steroids can be controlled with ancillary drugs, which cannot be said for alcohol or tobacco. It might sound silly to take a drug and then have to take other drugs to control the side effects but when you consider this is what the whole pharmaceutical industry is built on it doesn’t seem so unusual.

  1. Gynomastia aka “Bitch Tits” – Long time AAS users who take far too much and do not control their estrogen levels can indeed have pronounced breast tissue.  The reason why this happens is because the more testosterone and AAS’s in your blood the more estrogen your body will make. The male body does not make estrogen from scratch like females do in their ovaries. Instead the male body gets the little estrogen it needs by using the enzyme aromatase to convert used up testosterone molecules into estrogen. Normally it would only make the little estrogen your body needs from the normal testosterone levels produced by your testes. When synthetic AAS’s are used in great proportion so too does the estrogen your body converts from these AA’s rise. The estrogen will signal your breast tissue to grow, just as it does for teenage girls. The good news is that it happens slowly and can be easily controlled by taking estrogen inhibitors. Bodybuilders normally use Nolvadex or Aromasin to control this. They simply take an Aromasin pill if their nipples ever feel itchy. The Aromasin will kill off all the estrogen in your system and prevent any breast tissue growth. A little known fact about Gynomastia is that it also happens naturally to teenage boys whose hormonal levels get out of whack. There is surgery to correct it which costs about $5000-$7000 dollars.
  2. Acne – Extreme Steroid use can result in acne, especially if you are genetically predisposed to acne. It can be just an occasional zit or massive acne all over the back and to a lesser extent the chest and face. Treatments include lowering your AAS dosage, better hygiene or reforming your diet.
  3. Male Pattern Baldness – Androgenic Steroids will indeed accelerate the rate of Male pattern Baldness only if you have a genetic predisposition to Male Pattern Baldness. If you do not have this genetic trait then Androgenic Steroids won’t cost you a single hair. To know if you do have genetic Male Pattern Baldness look at the men on your moms side of the family. If you are pre disposed then the only thing that I have been told works is Rogaine.
  4. Shrinking Testicles – As stated above in the Benefits section under Male Birth Control, AAS when used in quantities that exceed your body’s natural production will cause your brain to signal your testes to stop making testosterone, as it believes you have more than enough already. The result is your testicles shrinking. This is only temporary as you can use HCG to jump start your testicles again and having them start producing their own testosterone. Naturally they will grow back to normal size. Bodybuilders do this after they finish a AAS cycle to ensure they retain their muscle mass while their testes get back into the groove of natural testosterone production.
  5. Stunts Long Bone Growth – This is a major one and the number one reason why teenagers, anyone under 22 or still growing should never even consider AAS. As mentioned in the explanation for Gynomastia above, very high testosterone and AAS levels can lead to more estrogen production in the male body. Estrogen inhibits lone bone growth, this is why females who have more estrogen naturally are not as tall as men on average. This is why Teenagers or anyone still growing should not even consider Anabolic Androgenic Steroids use!
  6. High Blood Pressure – This I am not certain about. The studies here are split 50/50. certain men seem to be far more relaxed when on AAS and others have an initial rise of blood pressure. It may be a mostly mental issue.

Anabolic Androgenic Steroid side effects can be controlled pretty easily. The problems arise when teenagers or uneducated people start meddling with powerful drugs thinking they can just make a biological system that has evolved over a million years do whatever they want. Education and respect are the keys, as with anything else.

This picture has been parading around the internet as a steroid freakshow. While this fellow is indeed on Androgenic Anabolic Steroids, there is no ways steroids alone could cause this kind of size. He is using Synthol which is an oil based implant bodybuilders inject into their muscles to make them appear larger. Synthol is just an oil not a steroid it is more like a do it yourself implant kit, purely cosmetic. Not respectable and quite sad actually.

Steroid Myths

  • Shrinks Penis – As stated above AAS use shrinks your testicles and can make your erect phallus thicker and harder as it boosts your sex drive.
  • “Roid Rage” – These is no truth to this. The guys that act like jerks on steroids were always jerks. The AAS just brought out the jerk in them a bit more. People have reported  paranoid jealousy, extreme irritability, delusions, and impaired judgment stemming from feelings of invincibility as other side effects from their AAS using mates. I have witnessed some of this personally among friends and again I observed that these guys were the exact same way before the AAS use. The AAS just gave them a more open window to feel they could act like this. My friends who were always chill and cool got even more chill and cool after AAS use. I would actualy say that testosterone and most AAS make you more mellow and sexually hungry at the same time. Ladies love that combination.
  • Just taking steroids will make anyone muscle bound – Absolutely not. Even if you did all your research and got on the best combination of AAS you would not see a single pound of muscle added to your frame unless your nutrition was peak. The training is the easiest part. Pro bodybuilders must eat seven to eight monstrous meals a day. Their training is heavyweights infrequently. You get big in the kitchen, not the gym and not with AAS, they just play a small part.
  • Heart Disease – There have been no reputable studies that have shown any link between AAS and Heart disease. Rather, studies have shown that men with higher testosterone levels usually have superior heart and circulatory health.
  • Damages Liver – Only oral steroids, pills, have the potential to harm your liver and not by much. Taking a steroid pill does less damage to your liver than taking an aspirin pill. It is not the actual steroids that do it but rather the chemical process that the pill makers use. The reason why they use this process called, c-17 Alpha Alkanization is to make the steroids more orally available. The liver will process and destroy most of the steroids on the first pass through the GI tract. This process lets the steroid bypass the livers defenses and go into the blood. Aspirin and many other medicine pills use the same process, except that their quantities are usually much higher milligram per milligram, thus they do far more liver damage than AAS ever could.
  • Damages Kidneys – Absolutely no truth to this at all. These and other false claims against steroids come from a time when American legislators were confused and desperate to show the public they were doing something to handle the Cheating in sports issue. They did this even if it meant spreading false information and refuting the medical authorities at the time. The entire kidney damage claims come from a study on AAS and the eldery that was done almost twenty years ago. The study concluded that the patients did indeed have kidney damage after being given AAS. What they fail to mention is that all the patients already had serious kidney damage before the study began and the actual damage was never tracked before or after the study. Bogus
  • Stop using steroids your muscles will turn to flab and you will get fat – Muscles do not turn into flab, fat or anything else. Muscles just grow bigger or smaller. Most bodybuilders keep about 80% of their muscle gains once they go off cycle. The Keys are to restart your natural testosterone production as soon as you stop using AAS and to keep your calorie and protein intake high.
  • Potentially Fatal – There has never been one recorded death from Androgenic Anabolic Steroids. Compare that to how many people have died off popularly prescribed blood pressure medication, thousands a year.

Arnold Schwarzenegger here off his AAS cycle. What you might not realize is that he is now a politican with a family and working overnight every night. He could have his terminator body back in a month.

How come Athletes are still using Steroids? Don’t They test?

The short answer is that testing does not work.

Every time you use a steroid, whether synthetic AAS or your naturally made testosterone, a trace is left in your body. These traces are called metabolites and they can be found in your blood or urine. The issues with detecting AAS are economic and logistical. Rich athletes rarely get caught because they can afford the best, newest and undetectable drugs.

Barry Bonds avoided detection by using the designer steroid THG. The rich athtletes rarely get caught unless they piss off the brass or a rival outsmarts them.

Why testing for steroids does not work

  • Every different kind of steroid has a different metabolite
  • There are hundreds of different steroids with new ones being designed daily
  • Every metabolite requires it’s own seperate drug test to detect
  • The drug tests for steroids cost several hundred dollars at a lab EACH! (testing for marijuana or cocaine etc costs about five dollars)

As you can see testing for every kind of steroid would cost about a quarter million dollars per athlete even with the bulk discounts sports organizations get. Also it is nearly impossible for these labs to stay ahead of the new designed steroids being produced for wealthy athtletes. Think Barry Bonds and Balco. Bonds acquired a designer steroid Tetrahydrogestrinone or THG  created by the owner of Balco and used it without detection for years. When the AAS was leaked to the sports missions labs by a rival coach they could finally detect it’s metabolites. Bonds did not come back until the drug left his system and he could pass a drug test.

The Politics of Steroid Testing

As with most things, the richer you are the more you can get away with.

The only way for wealthy athletes to be busted is if they piss off a high standing Sports executive or if they get turned in by rivals as was the case with Bonds. Poorer athletes can only get the most common drugs which are easy to detect with tests but rich ones walk away smiling nearly every time. The Sports Associates of the MLB and NHL know most of their athletes are using AAS. They allow it because it means more home-runs, touchdowns and more profit for them. They use drug testing as a political tool to control their athletes. If one of them tries to defy the brass they simply ask their lab to test for everything on their next drug test.

There are three articles. The introduction Steroids The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


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