The Builders, The Maintainers & The Losers

The Builders, The Maintainers & The Losers

Our Goals Define Us

We all strive to achieve what we believe to be beautiful healthy bodies.

What separates us is not just our image of what that body looks like but our mindset in how we go about achieving that body.  People are either Builders, Maintainers or Losers. This is the Good, The Bad and The Ugly of health psychology.

The Builders

Ask the select few about their health goals and they will say “I want to build my best body ever.”, “I want to be strong” , “I want to be sexy as hell”.  These are the builders. These people all have similar habits.

  • They make a real effort to educate themselves about nutrition and training
  • They associate their bodies with value their self esteem (often labeled as vanity)
  • They apply the builder mindset in everything they do, think Arnold Schwarzenegger

Builders are a proud few and are often criticized by the masses out of envy and ignorance. What makes builders is not a physique but a mindset. It is a winning mindset; the mindset of an artisan.

The Maintainers

Ask those people who are not obese about their health goals and most will say “I just don’t want to get fat”. These are the maintainers. They workout, usually run on a treadmill a few times a week just to keep what they have and not die of a stroke to early. They will usually maintain what they have until a certain age where their will power fades and they do indeed get fat and die of a stroke. The Maintainers are content to run in place for an hour a few times a week to keep them from becoming obese. They either scoff at people who build their bodies or claim they have no time for such things.

The Losers

Ask most people what they want from their bodies and they will say “I want to lose weight” These are the losers. Their goal centers around losing something and thus their mindset is a losing mindset. The entire diet industry preys on these people. The pharmaceutical industry also thrives off these people.  They will never achieve their health goals. They are destined to live their lives in ignorance and weakness until they are finally consumed by depression and ill health.  Not all losers are obese. Maintainers who always talk about how they wouldn’t mind dropping that last five lbs are actually losers. 95% of American adults are consumed by the loser mindset.


The ironic thing is how the vast majority of people losers and maintainers look down on builders. The “body builders” are put down by the masses out of ignorance and often fear. “I’d never want to look like that, it’s gross” or “I’d get too big if I lifted weights” or self righteous things like “I’m not all about my body like that”  This all comes from ignorance. The reality is that it is impossible to build a muscular, lean body by accident. I often hear women tell me they avoid weights because they “don’t want to bulk up and get too muscular” This is used to be funny but now it is just so annoying I want to slap them across the room and order them to do 10 heavy squat reps. A woman worrying about getting to muscular from lifting weights is like a homeless beggar worrying that he might get too rich if he gets a job passing out flyers. Even males with amazing genetics have to train with zen like focus and eat insane amounts of expensive food for years before they can even approach what we might consider “too big

Marylin Monroe knew the power of being a builder.


Here is some truth to brighten up the darkness this world shrounds us in.

  1. Learning about proper nutrition is the absolute best thing any person can do for their health. Bodybuilders know nutrition is 80% of health! The Chinese Taoist sages were the first ones to quote that percentage.
  2. Lifting weights doesn’t get you big and muscular. It actually makes your muscles smaller by destroying the muscle fibers.
  3. Eating a proper bodybuilding diet and getting 40% more rest than usual is what makes your muscle bigger. You get muscular in the kitchen and in bed, not the gym. You will not see any muscle gains at all unless your radically change your diet!
  4. If by some miracle you turned into some huge muscle person overnight you could go back to normal in about a week of “normal” eating. To get back to be a huge muscle person would take you about six months of hardcore nutrition and intense training. Still worried about getting too huge?
  5. 99.99% of people will never breakout of the loser and maintainer mentality and thus will never achieve the body they dream about if they even dare dream about it. Might as well stop reading this now. I will put up a nice scams of the month page here for people who instead want to throw away their money on scam diets and bogus training.

Now What?

For the .001% of you that are ready to become builders it’s easy. Just say to yourself “I am a body builder now” and believe it. Also whenever anyone asks you you must tell them you are a body builder. If you are too scared to do this for fear they will laugh at you because you don’t look like a body builder right now or if you did they would not like you anymore, then you are not ready to be a builder. Remain a loser or maintainer and just accept your body.

You will not achieve anything as a builder if you care about the perceptions of others, especially weak minded ignorant people. Tell them this and look into their eyes as you watch their reactions. Can you feel where their reactions are coming from? Pay close attention and you will feel the motions of envy, fear and guilt emanate from them.

Assuming you pass that first test and can tell all your friends to their face you are now a bodybuilder then you really are one. And you have begun. Does this mean you have to be a ripped 300lbs now? No! Bodybuilding is about building your body the way you envision it. Picture it and see it. You don’t have to complete professionally and do steroids. It is about having a zen like focus on your own body and healthy by adopting a building mindset instead of a maintainer or loser mindset.

If you cannot stand for something you will fall for anything. Now you have something to stand for and thus won’t fall for the diet scam of the month like everyone else. The hardest part of this is knowing that you will lose almost all your “friends” as a result of your new association with the fitness lifestyle. Now begins the fun part. Now the next step is simple.

  1. Educate yourself about the most important elements of bodybuilding. First is nutrition. The worlds top bodybuilders all say nutrition is 80-90% of their success. These are people who can gr0w their muscles, shrink their fat and do so often at the same time. Once you have this kind of control over your body you can look however way you wish. There is a reason why 95% of the articles on this site are all nutrition based. Read up!
  2. Find a gym and go talk to some of the buff fitness people there. If you are open and humble and  just say the truth you will see them open up to you. “Hi, I just made a commitment to learning bodybuilding. I don’t know anything now. I am reading as much as I can about nutrition and training. I’d love it if you would let me workout with you once” You’ll be shocked how that will make you some awesome new friends.
  3. Keep a Journal. Of everything you eat and your workouts. The food part is the most important. If you don’t train at all that’s fine too. If you do train it should only be weights.

I am working on an E-Book with step by step instructions for the system that I use. It should help give you a jump start into this new lifestyle.


Was a fat kid and major geek.. still am a geek, but now I have learned the truth about health and it is pretty much the exact opposite of what your doctor will tell you it is. Time to go old school and level up our health by focusing on gaining not losing. Gaining strength, knowledge and confidence. The weight loss will come easily.

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