Take everyone on the planet to the next level of health.

  1. First we must accept that the medical industry, including most doctors, are not out to heal us but to profit off of us and, in many cases, hurt us.
  2. Second we must accept that since their is a concentrated active effort to poison us that we must make an active concentrated effort to heal ourselves.
  3. Third we must forget everything we have been taught and relearn the truth.

This not a place for “losers” who only want to lose something. This is a place for builders, those who want to build their knowledge and their bodies. Bodybuilding, nutrition and alternative health are the focus here. Muscle heads, vegans, yogis, pro athletes and anyone who has faith in natural health are welcome here.

Here we LOVE Steroids, Cholesterol, Fats and HATE anything our doctor recommends. If you can’t handle this then check out Dr. Oz and Oprah instead.

Warning: We are NOT afraid to venture into the dark politics of health so those who cannot handle the truth please leave now. For those who desire truth,

Lets Level up together

My Story

I was obese at the age of 6. Almost 200lbs

Growing up in New York City I spent most of my time in Columbus Circle helping my parents with their candy store. All I did was drink Soda’s and eat candy all day. The  poison like ingredients in soda like fructose quickly made me obese.  No matter how much play I got it would would gain it all back because of my pitiful diet.

Over the years I got fatter and grew more sickly. I had a chronic back pains. They were so bad that I would sometimes go into a paralyzed state of extreme pain just walking down the street. I also had chronic asthma and that combined with my bad back and weight problem, meant no sports, even if my over protective parents would have let me out of the house. My parents tried their best and took me to the best doctors. They just said I had asthma and gave me drugs. My problems continued to get worse and worse the more medical treatment I got.

My parents made me cut down my soda a bit but then I just switched to milk which gave me horrible gas, allergies, acne and mucus. I got even more depressed. Again we had no clue about how dangerous pasteurized milk and dairy can be.

My teenage years were hard, very hard and dark. The social isolation only pushed me further into depression and my body got worse and worse. Girls were an impossibility for me at this point. I was an obese nerd who could barely walk or breathe right. They put me in the “special” gym class. This was supposed to be my “prime”.

At the age of 21 I finally got motivated to change and become something else. To become the man I saw myself to be. What jump started it? As silly as it sounds, it was watching a Rocky marathon. Me and my little sister saw all four Rocky films one day, we had never seen them before and we were so awed and inspired we joined a gym and went everyday!

We had no idea what we were doing and as hard as we worked we did not lose weight, we just got heavier, we were getting stronger but without proper nutrition we could not see our gains and in time we lost motivation. The gyms and trainers just wanted our money, they were not interested in actually getting us in shape.

It took me over eight years of scrapping things together, experimentation, failures and starts before I could build the body I have today. My weight loss system is something I first designed for myself through trial and error. My friends then all began asking me how they could get their six pack abs. So I began making meal plans for friends and showing them my recipes. Showing them how to shop, how to cook and how and when to eat. I learned even more by teach them.

The amazing thing is that with what I now know I could have taken myself as a fat teenager and turned me into a ripped lean specimen in less than a month. Looking back it is temping to think of all that time as a waste but it is not. The fact that I made every possible mistake is what why I know my own body and thus can help others.

Throughout all those years of giving up and starting back up again, I had to have faith, it was hard, so hard to believe I could look a certain way and actually become that person, instead of just looking like that person in my dreams for a week or so. The lesson here is that it is possible. You can do it too. If a fat kid with asthma, a bad back, who was allowed to play no sports and had the fattiest diet on earth can do it, then anyone can. My weight loss program works because it takes into account peoples willpower and manages it properly.

Everything I know is about how to lose weight fast and get six pack abs is  here My research is well documented here and I’ve tried to make the articles as accessible as possible. The special thing is that this system works in the real world, not in the lab most of these health advisors and big companies think we are living in.

I made this website for all those people who wondered how I did it. The hardest part is having faith, in yourself and in others, whom you must follow to grow stronger. Believe in me for just a week. Follow the program and see for yourself.


J.Jaxson says:

Great read. Respond in likeness for more details please.

johny says:

Hello my name is johny i started lifting weights two monts ago.. i have gain eight lbs but i want to gain more.. i try not to use any anabolics not even protein cuz i causes me pimples. What advice can you give about what to eat or take to bulk up… thank you

Amanda says:

Very Cool. I love what raw food has done for people in their lives, and that you have put this together to inspire and help others is truly great. Keep it up! 🙂